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Planning a getaway will never be stressful again!

Whether you’re planning a trip to your favorite destination to take a break from the mundane or if it’s wanderlust that has got the better of you, our holiday and hotel apps have got you covered! While most people shy away from holidays due to the stress involved in planning and reservations, our Holiday and Hotel app category at The Money Office App Store offers convenience and versatility all in one!

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Here are some features of our Holiday and Hotel applications which can make your holiday planning as easy as 1 2 3:


The number one problem that people face when they are planning a holiday is inconvenience. Holidays require planning ahead of time—sometimes even months in advance—and it is still not uncommon to find out that you missed a reservation or two at the very last moment. The inconvenience of browsing through countless websites and reading tens of reviews on different forums is truly a hassle that one would avoid any day.

With the apps in our Holiday and Hotel category at The Money Office App Store, you can not only find ratings and reviews of popular hotels and the best activities to do in any location, but these apps also give you the convenience of booking with a single click of a button. Some applications in our app store even allow you to view real time data about updated train, bus, and airline schedules to ensure maximum convenience during your holiday.


The best part about the apps in our Holiday and Hotel category at The Money Office App Store is the versatility of the applications which are featured. In addition to allowing users to make bookings and read reviews, the applications that are featured also allow users to find out where they can get the best food, information about the weather of the destination where they plan on going for holiday, tips and tricks to make the most of the holiday, and even information on where and how to commute within the areas which are to be visited.

The apps featured under the Holiday and Hotel category on our app store also keep in mind the needs and wants of the modern tourist. This is why user-friendliness is a feature which is offered by all of the applications of our app store. Applications for packing lists, too, are available which ensure that you never forget to pack the essentials when you are going on your dream holiday.

For the best travel and tourism applications and more, browse The Money Office App Store today!

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