7 UAE Buy Now Pay Later Apps You Need To Download

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Splurging is always fun in the moment, but not when you’re staring at the missing chunk in your bank account. These UAE buy now, pay later apps alleviate that issue.

Splitting up the payments to digestible bitesize pieces, you can pay off your purchases over months as opposed to buying the item full price on the day of checkout. So as you enjoy and flaunt your new it-girl purse today, you can allocate manageable amounts over the coming months.

And it doesn’t stop at fashion either. From beauty to home furniture to appliances, you can enjoy watered down versions of the glaring price tags over a period of time with these buy now, pay later apps.


Buy Now, Pay Later Apps UAE
Instagram @levelshoes

Instalment Plans: 4 interest-free monthly payments

From Ounass to Level Shoes, Tabby is the shopping addicts dream app. It doesn’t stop at fashion either, with brands like IKEA, Amazon, Samsung and more your choices are endless. Void of any hidden fees and interest, the manageable payments isn’t the only thing this UAE based app offers. The app also includes exclusive deals and 24/7 customer services to ensure it’s an entirely seamless process.

Also offered in KSA, Kuwait and Egypt, the late fee is Dhs15.


Buy Now, Pay Later Apps UAE
Instagram @ounsas

Instalment Plans: 4 interest-free monthly or bi-weekly payments

Offering in-store and online services, Spotti is one of the only UAE buy now, pay later apps, that focuses on local brands. From Jumbo Electronics to Ounass, its not an understatement to say they have range. With the first payment due immediately, you can choose the frequency of the remaining 3 payments.

Offered in UAE and KSA, Spotii has a late fee of Dhs25


Postpay App
Instagram @westelmmena

Instalment Plans: 3 interest-free monthly payments

Whether you’re looking for bite size payments on meal plans or furniture, Postpay offers interest less monthly instalment plans. With brands like West Elm, Kcal and Tryano, this app offers hundreds of brands across entertainment, fashion and more.

Only available in the UAE, the late fee is Dhs25.


Buy Now, Pay Later Apps UAE

Instalment Plans: 2 or 4 interest-free monthly payments

With partners like Farfetch, Diesel, THAT Concept Store, IKEA and more Tamara is a Saudi-born app that has definitely made an impact in the region. With over 26,000 stores to choose from, it is the only payment instalments app with now late fees.

Offered in UAE, KSA and Kuwait, there are no late fees as of December 2023.


Cashew App
Instagram @ounass

Instalment Plans: 3, 6 or 12 interest-free monthly payment plans

If you’re looking for flexibility, Cahsew takes the reign in that category. With homegrown brands and global ones, it is also the only UAE buy now, pay later app that has an age limit to join. From Du to Ounass, enjoy their interest-free payments either directly through the brands platform or with the QR code option for in-store purchases. With updates on your spending habits and exclusive discounts, this FinTech app offers a range of services.

Cashew has a late fee of 2% or a minimum of Dhs20 per late payment s


Rise App
Courtesy of Carrefour

Instalment Plans: 4 month payment plan with 10% interest

With a strong partnership with Carrefour, this Pakistan-based app offers buy now, pay later services for electronics and appliances. While the application primarily focuses on as a digital banking account for international migrants, it also offers lucrative deferred payment options for our electronic needs.

Offered in UAE and Pakistan, Rise’s late fees depend on the product purchased.


Instalment Plans: 14 day post purchase

Not necessarily another buy now pay later app, Aramex coins themselves as an “unbox first, pay later” platform. For up to 2 weeks after initial purchase, you owe nothing, up until you receive the product and decide whether it’s a keep or a pass. While you need to receive approval before you qualify for this service, once you can enjoy deferred payments as you shop.

Aramex has a late fee of Dhs10 and is available in UAE and KSA

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