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It’s officially the new year, which means it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on organizing your life. One easy way to begin: planners. The best planners of 2024 offer calendars, built-in spaces for to-do lists and other critical elements to make tracking your goals and tasks a lot easier. But finding the right one for your needs can take some exploring. Our favorite planner is the Moleskine Weekly is a well-made, no-frills option that’ll appeal to a wide variety of people. And if you’re prioritizing your physical and mental wellbeing in the new year, Papier’s Joy Wellness Journal is tailored for you.

Of course, there’s an abundance of other options. Those who like to avoid fuss or are pressed for time might choose the minimally designed monthly planner from Poprun; on the other hand, the customizable Erin Condren LifePlanner might be best for anyone who likes a mix of monthly and daily planning. We also included clever digital options for folks who like to plan across multiple devices. Whatever your planning style, we’ve got you. Read on to see all 21 of the best planners for organizing the year ahead.

Editor’s Picks

Best Planners Of 2024 Overall

Moleskine 2024 Horizontal Weekly Planner

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches | Cover: Soft

There’s a reason Moleskine continues to be a favorite of customers. Its planners are discreet and unassuming, yet inside they are packed with all of the essential calendar and note-taking pages that go into managing every week of the year. In general, their planners are available with either monthly or weekly views, and with this particular version, seeing the week at a glance is helpful for planning purposes. The setup is unique in that the days of the week are horizontally aligned on one side of a spread, with an empty lined notes section on the other. This makes keeping key tasks and any ideas that go along with them easy to keep organized.


  • Nicely sized
  • Great for travel
  • Sturdy cover


  • Can’t insert additional pages
  • May be a bit too small for those who write a lot

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 5.5 x 8.3 inches | Cover: Soft

Those who prefer journaling vertically will adore Aura Estelle’s undated weekly planner. The flexible cover is made from water-resistant PU with foil details, and the 300 pages are made from high-quality Tomoe River Paper for smoother writing. It also has plenty of writing space and a variety of layouts throughout: Eight vertical columns make up each week, which are then separated by two blank grid pages for all your drawing or note-taking needs. There’s also a four-year calendar spread out over two pages and 12 monthly views, not to mention over 30 extra grid pages in the back. This simple but gorgeous planner is best for those who want more flexibility and less guidance in their planning.


  • Beautifully designed with high-quality materials
  • Undated for more flexibility
  • Comes with plenty of extra grid pages


Hobonichi Techo Planner Book

Layout: Daily | Size: 5.8 x 4.1 inches | Cover: Soft

Hobonichi’s Techo (“techo” stands for planner in Japanese) is the perfect option for people who want something compact to reference wherever they go. Weighing less than half a pound and containing thin but sturdy Tomoe River paper (which is made for smooth writing), the Techo is small enough to carry in a purse or even a shirt pocket. But its size doesn’t mean it lacks writing space or design. The planner’s page-per-day layout includes helpful tracking features—namely, a mini corner calendar, the week number and one 12 p.m. time stamp to separate day and night—but it keeps most of each page open for you to customize.

While the page-per-day format is the highlight of the Techo, it isn’t the only thing that elevates the planner: It also has monthly and yearly calendars, a yearly index, a “My 100” item list page, two-color navigation tabs and 15 dotted memo pages in the back of the planner. We also like the soft, textured cover that lays flat when the planner is open.


  • Thoughtfully designed layout
  • Tomoe River paper can handle several pen types
  • Lightweight and compact despite page-per-day layout


  • One of the pricier picks on this list
  • Those who write a lot may find size lacking

Best Wellness Planners Of 2024

Editor’s Pick

Layout: Undated, daily | Size: 6 x 8.5 inches | Cover: Hard

If you’re someone who wants to plan more intentionally around your wellbeing and feels intimidated by dated options, consider Papier’s 12-week Wellness Journal. It’s sold in dozens of different designs and features daily spreads to outline intentions for the day, mood, sleep evaluations, meals, activity, self-care, thoughts and feelings of gratitude. As someone who falls within this category—who typically stops using traditional planners before ever reaching the end of the year—former commerce editor Raena Loper can attest to how beneficial this three-month gratitude-centric agenda is. “It’s the only planner I’ve ever filled in from cover to cover and, unlike solely task-focused planners, it’s one that I hold onto, as it serves as an insightful journal to look back on,” she says.


  • Cover is personalizable
  • Various color options
  • Sprinkled with helpful, expert-backed guidance throughout


  • Exclusively a wellness journal


Layout: Undated, daily, weekly | Size: 5.8 x 8.5 inches | Cover: Soft

The first thing that sticks out about Poketo’s Self Planner is its playful, colorful cover, inspired by the brand’s motto of bringing “art and design to your everyday.” In addition to this artistry, the planner stands out in other ways. Each week starts with a Wellness Report, which gives you spaces for a weekly intention, a relevant writing prompt and your reflections closer to the week’s end. On the opposite page, there’s a Weekly Wellness Plan with spaces from Monday through Sunday to jot down priorities, times that tasks need to be done and how you’re feeling that day overall.

Not sure what aspects of your wellbeing to focus on this year? The journal also has brainstorm pages before the weekly logs start, with prompts that encourage you to think about what self-care means to you, what things contribute to positive or negative feelings, which activities to cultivate and more. Finally, the year-end section gives you space to reflect on your progress after 52 weeks.


  • Layout is a good balance of structure and flexibility
  • Unique, artistic cover
  • Sewn binding helps keep pages togethe


  • Doesn’t lay flat easily

SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner

Layout: Undated, daily, weekly | Size: 7 x 10 inches inches | Cover: Hard

If you’re looking to track your fitness and nutrition this year, consider SaltWrap’s spiral-bound fitness planner. The company, known for its expertise in therapeutic sports nutrition, designed the planner so users can see a “snapshot” of their workout and nutritional information for each day in one view.

You’ll get two pages dedicated to each day: one to log your training stats and another for your nutrition, both minimally designed so they’re simple to fill out. The fitness log has dedicated spaces to plan your exercises and track sets and reps, and there are additional spaces for notes, extra workouts and other comments. The nutrition log has a dedicated area at the top for your dietary goals for the day, detailed tracking of each meal and your daily nutrient totals. Plus, each week begins with a weekly planner to set your goals, and ends with a weekly check-in page to review your progress and document your milestones.


  • Sturdy leatherette cover withstands transport
  • Discreet, minimal design
  • Templates are well-organized and easy to follow


  • Some users wish it was more compact for an active lifestyle

Best Planners Of 2024 For Work

Clever Fox Planner PRO Hourly

Layout: Undated weekly, daily | Size: 8.5 x 11 inches | Cover: Soft

If fitting all your to-dos into a standard daily planner won’t work for your busy schedule, we’ve got you covered. The weekly planner from Clever Fox provides space for scheduling down to the half hour with 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily time slots. Available in 15 colors, the undated planner has a sturdy faux leather cover and is about the size of a standard notebook—no need to worry about squeezing small handwriting into tiny spaces.


  • Various color options
  • Sturdy hardcover and thick pages
  • Reviewers with ADHD say it’s very helpful


  • Quite hefty at over 2 pounds

Layout: Undated yearly, monthly, weekly | Size: 11.9 x 8.4 inches | Cover: Hard

If you’re someone who juggles multiple projects with varying timelines and wants a solution to keep track of it all, Poketo’s Project Planner is for you. It’s undated, with yearly, monthly and weekly sections, each tailored to help you set and track goals—from a birds’ eye view to a daily checklist. The crowning glory of this planner is, unsurprisingly, the Project Plan view. With room for a total of 100 projects, this open-dated view lets you stop and start whichever day of the week you’re tracking. Each project has spaces dedicated to priorities, timelines, other project specifics, notes and a visual grid for time-blocking.

There are also helpful extras like additional note pages at the end and a dedicated Process Notes section, where you can jot down any ideas, thoughts, to-dos and other non-urgent items. And just like Poketo’s other planners, this one is Smith Sewn-bound, which means it lies flat when open and the pages are more likely to stay together.


  • Has a durable, cloth-like cover and sturdy binding
  • Great for breaking down projects into smaller tasks
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors


  • Quite large with no option to fold in half (not spiral-bound)

Best Minimalist Planners Of 2024

Layout: Monthly | Size: 6.5 x 8.5 or 8.5 x 10.5 inches | Cover: Soft

For those looking for a bold option, these bright and colorful planners from Poprun come in 10 different hues and have a soft faux leather cover. The 18-month planner goes from July 2023 to December 2024, which is excellent for students and teachers, or anyone who prefers a longer view with planning. The planner also features seven dotted pages for moments when you need to quickly write down notes and ideas, as well as pages for contacts, passwords and tracking expenses.


  • Variety of colors and two sizes to choose from
  • Ample space for note-taking
  • Includes pages for contacts, passwords and expenses
  • Spans 18 months


  • Does not get as granular as a weekly planner

Erin Condren Focused Teacher Lesson Planner

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 8 x 10 inches | Cover: Soft

This 12-month planner was designed to organize lesson plans. The Focused Teacher Lesson Planner clocks in at 8 x 10 inches, providing ample space to write in the dated weekly and monthly layouts. It also includes seven checklist pages, graph pages and a communication log to keep track of meetings with students and parents. The vegan leather cover is soft and sturdy, yet adds a classic, minimalistic look—for a special touch, add your initials at checkout.


  • Large size but still portable
  • Sturdy cover and high-quality paper
  • Ample space for extra notes and goals


  • On the pricier end of this list

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 5 x 8, 7 x 9 or 8.5 x 11 inches | Cover: Soft

This planner is ideal for teachers, students, parents or anyone who can benefit from a classic-style calendar. Constructed with high-quality paper, this spiral notebook-style planner features weekly and monthly views, which helps with both short- and long-term planning. If you like to see what’s coming up, each month contains the following (and previous) months for a more holistic view. Plus, the weekly view has lined sections to help keep your to-do lists and tasks neat and organized.


  • Available in three sizes
  • Simple to navigate
  • Ample writing space but still compact


Best Customizable Planners Of 2024

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 7 x 9 inches | Cover: Laminated

This laminated planner from organizational brand Erin Condren is recommended for those who prefer personalized journals. Select from dozens of different covers for your 12-month calendar and pick your desired layout—options include vertical, horizontal or hourly. When creating your planner, choose between the standard platinum-colored coil or switch it up with its Gold and Rose Gold binder options. Take your personalization a step further by picking the interior style or adding your initials to the cover.


  • Sturdy laminated design
  • Features monthly quotes
  • Highly customizable layout


Global Printed Products 14-Month Hardcover Planner

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 5.5 x 8 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches | Cover: Hardcover

You’ll be impressed at the value of this under-$20 planner, which includes similar features as higher-priced planners plus a handful of helpful extras. This hardcover spiral-bound book is organized by month and week; each page includes a “top priorities” box followed by lined sections for each day of the week. There is a calendar view and a notes section as well, and labelled tabs help you flip around from one place to another. Other clever add-ons include a removable bookmark, eye-catching planning stickers and sticky notes to give you tons of bang for your buck. Need a bigger surface area? A larger version of this planner (8.5 x 11 inches) is also available.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Comes in a wide variety of stylish covers
  • Great value for the functionality and extras


  • Not for those who like a minimal style or more flexibility

Most Stylish Planers Of 2024


Rifle Paper Co. 2024 17-Month Planner

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 6.75 x 8.25 inches | Cover: Hard

“I was gifted a Rifle Paper Co. planner years ago, and I’ve gotten one every year since,” says senior updates editor Karen Tietjen, who adds that it’s become a desktop staple. She says, “The wide pages are easy to write on and the format is ideal for writing daily task lists. Also, I’m a lefty, so tight bindings can get in the way of my hand, but this spiral-bound planner lies flat when open.”

In addition to weekly layouts, this 17-month planner includes sections for writing notes, month-by-month calendars and more, plus it comes with several sheets of stickers to highlight your favorite events. Labeled page tabs and a stretchy place marker make finding the right page a cinch. Tietjen adds a final point: “Rifle Paper Co. planners are so pretty—they add a pop of color to my desk and make me want to stay organized.”


  • Lots of additional sections for note-taking
  • Wide pages are easy to write on
  • Spiral-bound and lefty-friendly


  • Some longtime users say the quality has diminished a bit

Layout: Weekly and monthly | Size: 5.5 x 8.25 or 8.5 x 11 inches | Cover: Hard 

The size of Bloom’s Hard Cover planners makes them just big enough to capture all the necessary planning info of your life, but small enough to fit into a bag without issue. It comes with thick chipboard covers and reinforced metal edges, and it features plenty of space on its monthly and weekly spreads to add in essential info to keep your life on track. On the back cover, there’s a pocket for tucking important papers or tickets, and included is a free magnetic bookmark and a helpful sticker sheet that you can use to highlight different dates to remember. It also comes with life-coaching sheets, which are designed to help you stay productive and live more intentionally.


  • Plenty of writing space but still portable
  • Pockets in front and back cover are very handy
  • Good value for all that it offers


  • A few reviewers say the cover could be thicker

Best Productivity Planners Of 2024

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

Layout: Undated, daily | Size: 5.3 x 8.3 inches | Cover: Hard

Reviewers who struggle with procrastination (including Fran Sales, one of our updates writers) highly recommend Intelligent Change’s Productivity Planner. From the maker of the popular mindfulness-focused Five-Minute Journal, this particular planner cultivates another aspect of your life—effective time management. It does so with a 90-day planning template, with two pages dedicated to each day, meaning the planner lasts for about 3 months). Each day has dedicated spaces for writing in your schedule from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., your five most important tasks of the day (arranged by importance) and a nifty Pomodoro-style tracker for you to monitor your progress in the time you allot. This journal also has a handful of nice extras, including daily self-growth writing prompts, mood trackers, a monthly habit tracker and weekly planning and review sections.


  • Simple but elegant design
  • Uses Pomodoro method to track productivity
  • Comes with two bookmarks to easily reference multiple sections


  • Comes in very limited colors

Layout: Undated, daily | Size: 6.8 x 8.8 inches | Cover: Soft, laminated

If you find the typical structured, calendar-style planner overwhelming, this option might work for you. Available in a variety of cheery, bright covers like Strawberry Fields and Botanical Cream, the To-Do Planner is filled with double-sided pages with straightforward sections. There are spaces for all three meals, your schedule from morning to night, your top priorities (labeled an encouraging “At Least Do This”) and a good amount of bulleted lines to jot down your to-do list.

Plus, there are extra pages in the back for more of your to-dos and shopping lists, and the pages are perforated so you can rip them out to take with you if you need. And if you struggle to stick to a more structured journal, this particular one is unspecific enough that you can go with your own flow without feeling like you need to adhere to a daily cadence.


  • Structured enough without the need to fill out every day
  • Perforation makes it easy to rip out pages if needed
  • Priorities section (labeled “At Least Do This”)


  • May not be best for those who prefer a lot of structure or prompts
  • No calendar view

Best Digital Planners Of 2024

Good Mondays Digital Planner

1721Save $4 (19%)

Layout: Weekly and monthly

For some, keeping track of a writing utensil—let alone a physical planner—is impossible, especially since most of our schedules live inside our smart devices. Good Mondays Paper combines the look of a paper planners with the convenience of a digital one. This 2024 planner is customizable and can be accessed with GoodNotes, Notability and other digital planner applications. Once you download the planner to your smartphone or laptop, pick your cover and tab color, then browse your hyperlinked monthly and yearly calendar pages before finally choosing a layout that fits your scheduling needs. Plus, if you enjoy the stickers that typically come with planners, this pick won’t leave you hanging: Choose from dozens of everyday digital stickers in five colors.


  • Customizable and comes with dozens of digital stickers
  • Can pair with Android and iOS
  • Integrates digital calendars easily


  • The amount of customizations may be overwhelming for users who like a more guided experience

Layout: Daily, weekly, yearly

Folks who like to customize their planners but want to transition to a digital version need not look further than Dash Planner’s tool. We’re impressed with how well thought-out the Digital Planner Set is, allowing you to choose everything from the screen orientation to the layout of your daily and weekly planner to (yes) the color of its digital cover. You can also choose from light or dark mode, add other life-planning templates (there are 50 that include finance and health tracking), and plan out goals and projects that you can easily reference from your dashboard. The Yearly section of the planner is also quite detailed, with a hyperlinked yearly calendar, quarterly overviews, a six-month vertical view and more.

Like many of the physical planners on this list, it also has extra notes pages; but with Dash, you can choose from 20 notepaper templates, including dotted and storyboard style. Also included? Eight helpful subject dividers, five sticker pages and the corresponding sticker set, a color code library and your choice of a matching icon to add a shortcut to your home screen.


  • Comes in two orientations and light or dark modes
  • You can choose from 12 weekly and 3 daily layouts
  • Highly customizable sections with 8 section dividers
  • Also includes notes, goals and project planning pages


  • Only optimized for iPads
  • May be very overwhelming for those used to simply structured planners

Best Self-Care Planners Of 2024

BestSelf Co. Self Journal

Layout: Undated, daily, weekly and monthly | Size: 5.8 x 8.5 inches | Cover: Hard

People who crave structure and accountability in both their work and personal lives will find plenty to like in BestSelf Co.’s Self Journal. Extremely fitting name aside, this 3-month planner is organized in a way that makes it easy to monitor both your productivity and self-care goals—without necessarily needing to compartmentalize the two. The daily planning section uses a method the brand calls CINU, or “challenging, interesting, novel and urgent”—characteristics that it says help make tasks more attainable, particularly for adults with ADHD. Practically, this means each day includes a space for gratitude, goal-setting, time blocks for your top three tasks and a Daily Timeline to prioritize both work and personal tasks by level of urgency.

There are a couple of other helpful highlights. One is the 3-month action plan that starts off every quarter, where you can log and track progress milestones and then note down the necessary actions to achieve them, as well as an accountability section. Finally, each week comes with a weekly plan and a weekly review so you can reflect on and assess your progress.


  • Helpful for both long- and short-term goal setting
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Daily pages include spaces for gratitude, goals and time-block markers for tasks


  • Not a lot of room for notes or brain dumps
  • May not be as useful for those who like more versatility

Layout: Undated, daily or weekly | Size: 9 x 6.5 inches | Cover: Hard

Like many of the planners we recommend here, The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self guides you through goal setting and tracking your productivity—but it also devotes the same amount of guidance to monitoring your mental and physical health. Its overall goal is to turn self-care into a daily habit.

The planner bakes positive psychology into every aspect of the journal, from the self-care challenge at the top of every monthly view to the spaces in the daily planning pages for gratitude, meal tracking, noting down any movement or self-care activity and monitoring your water intake. The key is in how the planner begins: with the Self-Care Plan. This section uses six psychology-backed steps that help you assess your current self-care practices and areas you can improve, as well as brainstorm any new self-care activities you might try. Throughout the planner, you’ll also find dedicated sections to assess your hours of sleep and any health symptoms and mood shifts; plus, each month begins with a self-care roadmap and ends with a reflection.


  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors
  • Made from high-quality, sustainable materials
  • Extremely helpful for improving self-care and tracking habits


  • Doesn’t include bookmarks or tabs to flip back and forth between sections

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How We Chose The Best Planners Of 2024

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We frequently update this story to ensure accuracy. It was last refreshed in January 2024, when we added 10 new picks, including the Hobonichi Techo to the Best Overall category, the SaltWrap Fitness Journal under Best Wellness and the Dash Digital Planner under Best Digital.