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Business apps play an integral role in small and large enterprises alike. In fact, the importance of business applications for people in the world today cannot be emphasized enough. Business applications do not only help with management and organization of a business, but they are also important to understand and keep track of the trends of the industry.

Whether you have a business of your own or are interested in what’s new and happening in the world of business, our collection of Business Apps at The Money Office App Store has something for everyone!

Here are some of the different types of applications featured in our Business Apps category at The Money Office App Store:

Apps to Increase Productivity

Fortunately for many, there are a number of applications in our Business Apps category at The Money Office App Store which can help boost productivity. In addition to being used for making to do lists, journaling, keeping important messages and information stored in one place, and even tagging information retrieved from websites for easy searching and management, these business applications can also be used to share information with your colleagues.

Apps for Time Tracking

Time tracking is one of the most important things when it comes to managing a business. Distractions like social media applications take up a lot of time which could be used productively. To help people who get distracted often, the apps available for time tracking on The Money Office App Store are nothing short of an elixir of sorts. These applications for time tracking give users a breakdown of the amount of time which they are wasting on each application or website and even allows users to set goals for productivity.

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Another added advantage with these applications for time tracking in the Business Apps category on The Money Office App Store is that they even track the offline activity of users and allow them to block websites and even set notifications to remind themselves that they have spent too much time on a certain activity.

Applications for Project Management

Project management is an extremely important aspect of any business. Fortunately, the business applications category in The Money Office App Store has the perfect apps for management of projects. These applications do not only allow users to view and track the development and changes made to all of the projects of the company simultaneously, but they also have user friendly graphs and timesheets which can be exported.

If you are convinced that the afore-mentioned types of applications are perfect for you, The Money Office App Store has all of these amazing kinds of business applications using which the productivity and efficiency of your business can be boosted exponentially.

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