Election Commission Leveraging Technology With 27 IT Apps And Systems During The Elections.

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The Election Commission is leveraging Technology with 27 IT Apps and Systems during the Elections. The use of technology through apps and portals has made the process easier for candidates, people as well as for officials who are closely monitoring the electoral process. 

A Report says that through online Suvidha Portal, candidates are filing nominations and Affidavit. Candidates are also using the portal to seek permissions for meetings, rallies etc. It also ensures a Level Playing Field – First in First Out. 



Voter Helpline App VHA people can apply forms online, view polling booth details and download E-EPIC Election photo identity card. C-Vigil App is used for recording, reporting, and resolving violations. The response will be in a 100-minute timeline and complaints can be made anonymously. The Candidate Affidavit is available on affidavit portal and KYC App. Candidates with Criminal Antecedents must publish the information publicly. It is mandatory for Political parties to publish information publicly across designated channels. 

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