I found out my husband was cheating through his fitness app

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Her marriage had a good run. That is, until a workout app revealed that her husband was getting hot and sweaty with his mistress rather than burning calories while jogging. 

Red flag alerts ran through Megan McGee’s mind when her military hubby of four years randomly demanded “a break” from their holy matrimony in November 2020.

Searching for answers that might explain his sudden need for distance, the sleuthy blond scoured through her groom’s online activity to uncover his heart-rate-rising secrets. 

Mcgee launched a probe into her now ex-hubby’s social media apps after he asked to take a break from their marriage. TikTok/meg.c.mcgee

“I studied his running map on the Strava workout app and realized that he ran past, paused around, or ended at an address where a fellow Army girl lived,” McGee, 29, from Virginia, explained to The Post. “Their relationship had always given me a weird feeling and they were deployed together.”

“Discovering these maps was the clue that confirmed my suspicions about their [romantic] relationship — and the rest is history.”

And now, the betrayed bride is making TikTok history, sharing the shocking details of her marriage-ending discovery.

“I figured out my ex-husband was cheating on me through Strava,” she announced to a virtual audience of over 1.8 million internet viewers.

“Strava is a social media app where friends can follow each other and share their workouts with each other,” Mcgee said in the vid. “You can go on a run, a swim or a hike and post it to your Strava, and it will share with all of your Strava friends.”

The backstabbed belle went on to explain that workout warriors using the app are able to share a map of their exercise routes with pals, if they so choose. 

“When he first came home from deployment he wasn’t really going into to work a lot, so there were a lot of days he would go on runs,” she recalled while making chocolate chip banana bread. 

“There were times that I offered to go on runs with him, and he would make up some excuse about how he was going to run too far for me [or that] I wouldn’t be able to keep up,” added Mcgee. 

Mcgee claims her adulterous hubby would often dissuade her from joining him on jogs. Getty Images

But when her unnamed hubby — who she cheekily refers to as “that little weasel” — arbitrarily decided he’d be taking a sabbatical from their wedded bliss, the millennial’s suspicions piqued. 

“This is when I started digging in and saying something bigger must be going on here,” said Mcgee.

And she was so right. 

Shortly after adopting the crack investigative skills of an FBI agent, a tech-savvy Mcgee was slammed with the ugly truth of her guy’s unfaithfulness. 

“What I ended up finding through [his] Strava running maps was that he would start his ‘run’ at our house and he would end it at her house,” said the wronged sweetheart while sharing a screenshot of her ex’s jog trail. “She lived probably a half of a mile away.”

“So while this didn’t tell me the whole story,” continued McGee, noting she’d also caught whispers of her former man’s misbehaviors from several additional sources. “It sure gave me a lot of reassurance about who he was cheating on me with and what he was doing all those times he was gone.”

And she’s far from the only lady to learn of a lover’s disloyalty via tattle-tale technology. 

Mcgee says her ex’s running map was the “cherry on top” of the cake of proof that he was cheating. Getty Images

“I found out [my man was cheating through] Venmo — those outlying social apps are wild,” a supportive commenter confessed beneath Mcgee’s chaotic clip. 

“I found out through our AMC account. Sooo many movie dates that I didn’t go on. Also, he was military,” penned a separate victim of adultery.

“I found out through Netflix because someone was binging Gossip Girl,” said another double-crossed damsel. 

Jessica Lowman, a digital content creator, busted her beau for having an affair after discovering a secret voice recording function in her Amazon Alexa speaker in October 2022. 

“I didn’t even know Alex stored this shizzz,” said Lowman in a viral video reveal. 

Dating expert Jana Hocking was shocked to find that a would-be inamorato she’d met online was cheating on his wife with her in December 2023. Hocking untangled the two-timing player’s messy web of deceit after noticing he’d placed privacy settings on their WhatsApp conversations. 

“If they put the disappearing messages setting on your WhatsApp chat I recommend you run,” she urged. “Your match is up to no good!.”

But rather than letting her scoundrel of an ex-husband run away scott-free, leaving her with a broken heart and bank account, Mcgee trusts that squeezing out some juicy specifics of the traumatic incident will help restore all that she’s lost. 

“I’m going to release the whole story as a series,” Mcgee said, revealing a plan to monetize her forthcoming tell-all snippets. “There are some wild details about the affair, the military, my ex-mother-in-law.”

“[I need] to get repaid for everything that was taken from me.”

She also hopes her sad saga inspires her fellow jilted gems.

“The person you marry is not the person you divorce. I married someone I loved, and I divorced ‘That little weasel,’” she told The Post. “Women [should] trust their intuition and feel confident that they will find happiness after a broken heart.”

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