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NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What do tattoo artists in Missouri and special-effects make-up artists in Florida have in common? What about screen printers in Oklahoma City and jewelry makers in South Carolina? They all demonstrate terrific craftsmanship that puts them among the best in their specialty.

Competitions of various stripes have become a staple of unscripted television and video programming – but a new show from the Very Local app will treat audiences to a novel take on craft-making competition programs: It will show viewers how it’s done in different parts of the country.

Over the course of ten weekly 30-minute episodes, Maker Nation Challenge will take audiences to five different US cities to witness talented creators plying their trade in a variety of categories of art & craft, all with a local flare. Viewers will meet skilled artisans from Orlando, FL, Kansas City, MO, Greenville, SC, New Orleans, LA and Oklahoma City, OK.

Viewers might not be surprised that talented special-effects make-up artists can be found in a theme-park and TV-production haven like Orlando – but tattoo artists in Kansas City?  And metalworking jewelry craftspeople in Greenville, South Carolina?   As it turns out, Kansas City ranks among the top-10 “most tattooed” US cities – ahead of Los Angeles – based on per-capita tattoo parlors, per  And Greenville’s oldest business, founded in 1856, is a still-thriving jewelry store, per

In the competition-style series, host Ashley Adams will traverse the country to challenge these artists to create their best work within just four hours. Local influencers and selected experts will join Adams to determine which maker will come out victorious. Texas native Adams is best known as the self-taught baker and DIY enthusiast who serves as co-host of the enormously popular YouTube show Feast of Fiction, in which she creates homemade recipes inspired by books, movies, comics and other sources.

Ashley Adams, a DIY disciple herself, brings a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to the fold that I’m confident audiences will find infectious,” said Michael Callahan, Very Local’s vice president, production.  “She is the audience, and I think that will really come through to viewers.”

Maker Nation Challenge debuts November 7 exclusively on the Very Local app, available to stream for free on all mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices.

The global arts and crafts market is valued at more than $44 billion, per Business Research Insights, and is projected to grow to nearly $75 billion by 2031.  Arts and crafts follow closely behind travel among Americans’ favorite hobbies, per Statistica, with popularity across age groups.

“Interest in arts & crafts has exploded across the USA, and we feel we’ve assembled a uniquely talented and endearing cast of artists and makers from across the country that will inspire and enlighten our fans,” Callahan added. “Audiences are welcoming content that showcases skillful, innovative work that fascinates them and serves their excitement for DIY artistic pursuits. We think they will embrace the warm-natured spirit and high quality of story-telling Maker Nation Challenge will offer.”

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