On the apps? These emojis could help you find love faster

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In the wild world of modern dating, where first impressions are made in a split second, standing out from the crowd is a must. While witty bios and striking photos can certainly catch someone’s eye, apparently there’s another, often overlooked, tool in the digital dating arsenal: emojis.

A new study has revealed the most commonly used emojis on Tinder. Photo: Getty

These tiny pictograms, once relegated to casual text messages, have become powerful instruments for expressing personality, interests, and emotions on platforms like Tinder. Now, a recent study has delved into the world of Tinder bios, revealing the emojis that could hold the key to finding love faster.


Here’s how these seemingly simple symbols are making a big impact on the quest for romance.

The most used emojis on Tinder

When it comes to making a memorable first impression on Tinder, emojis can speak volumes in just a few characters. Research by DKcasinospot analysed over 23,000 Tinder bios to determine which emojis are the most commonly used, revealing insights into how these tiny cartoons play a significant role in digital dating.

Topping the list of most used emojis is the ‘male shrug emoji,’ (with the female shrug emoji coming in at number three), signalling a playful, laid-back attitude toward dating. With its nonchalant expression, this emoji suggests to potential matches that you’re not taking yourself too seriously and are open to whatever comes your way.

The 'male shrug emoji' appeared in 1,367 profiles, followed by the heart emoji used 777 times. The camera emoji, often indicating an Instagram handle, ranked third. Photo: emojipedia

The ‘male shrug emoji’ appeared in 1,367 profiles, followed by the heart emoji used 777 times. The camera emoji, often indicating an Instagram handle, ranked third. Photo: emojipedia

Following closely behind is the classic heart emoji, a universal symbol of love and affection. Whether it’s used to express genuine emotion or simply convey friendliness, the heart emoji can instantly make your profile feel warmer and more approachable.

Other popular emojis include the camera, which hints at an Instagram-worthy lifestyle filled with adventures and experiences, and the plane, which suggests a desire for travel and exploration. By incorporating these emojis into their bios, users can provide glimpses into their personalities and interests, sparking conversation with potential matches.

Relationship and Intimacy Coach Susie Kim suggests that emojis work particularly well on dating apps because they add a playful element, making daters appear more approachable and fun.

“To state the obvious, they’re expressive and can communicate a lot of meaning in just one character,” Kim explains. “This means they can really change the vibe and feel of a dating profile.

“In the online dating world, everyone is scanning profiles and looking for clues on what the person might be like in real life. The more approachable and expressive you are, the more chance there is of getting noticed and approached.”

Longtime Tinder user Samantha told Yahoo Lifestyle she uses emoji’s in her profile because she feels they add personality and flair. “It’s a fun way to express myself and show potential matches a bit of my sense of humour,” she said, before adding: “I’m still single though, so it can’t be working that well!”

On the other hand, Jack who has a dating profile across multiple apps says he doesn’t think emoji’s make much of a difference to his success rate. “Emojis might catch the eye initially, but they’re not a make-or-break factor for me,” he said.

Finding common ground through hobbies

Beyond just expressing personality traits, emojis are also a gateway to shared interests and hobbies.

According to the study, among the most popular hobby-related emojis are those representing fitness activities like weightlifting, running, and yoga. These emojis not only showcase a commitment to health and wellness but also provide common ground for potential matches who share similar interests.

Young man using smartphone sending emojis, diverse positive emoji coming out of mobile phone. Mobile application for chatting, creative image, Social media concept.

Popular hobby emojis used in dating profiles include those symbolising fitness activities such as weightlifting, running, and yoga. Photo: Getty

Similarly, emojis related to reading, music, sports, and creative pursuits can spark connections based on shared passions and experiences. Whether it’s bonding over a favourite book or discussing the latest album from a beloved artist, these emojis can serve as conversation starters and icebreakers, helping to forge meaningful connections in the digital dating landscape.

David, another Tinder user, wasn’t convinced and believes it hinges on personal preferences: “I think some people might be drawn to profiles with lots of emojis, while others might find it a bit off-putting. It really depends on the individual and what they’re looking for.”

However, Serial dater Emily told Yahoo Lifestyle, she definitely notices when other people use emojis in their dating bios. “It gives me a sense of their personality and interests, which can make them more attractive to swipe right on,” she explains.

So, whether you’re signalling a laid-back attitude with a casual shrug or flaunting your adventurous spirit with a plane emoji, these tiny symbols can convey complex emotions and traits in an instant. So, the next time you’re crafting your Tinder bio, don’t underestimate the impact of a well-placed emoji. After all, love may just be a few emojis away.

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