Stir, The Leading Dating App For Single Parents, Launches “Break Every Single Rule” Campaign To Redefine What It Means To Date As A Single Parent

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DALLAS, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Stir, the leading dating app for single parents, announced Break Every Single Rule, their latest campaign to change the way the world views single parents, and the way single parents view themselves when it comes to dating.

Stir launches “Break Every Single Rule” campaign to redefine what it means to date as a single parent.

There are over 20 million single parents in the US, and Stir is designed for daters with kids, whether they are looking for a casual relationship or something more serious. Stir understands nothing comes before the kids, but a lot of great things can happen after. In fact, 65% of single parents have had a hot makeout in the last year and 62% of single parents with kids at home had sex with one or more people last year, compared to 46% of singles overall.

“At Stir, we want to break the rules of what people think dating as a single parent should be. This campaign encourages single parents to rediscover and embrace their more spontaneous sides that are often pushed aside,” said Jennifer Spector, VP of Brand at Stir. “We’re directly calling that out with this campaign, and reminding people that it’s possible to find another rule-maker who’s into making mischief, but also understands your relationship goals and life priorities. Most importantly, we’re asking that people give themselves a well-deserved break on Stir because having kids isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s a conversation starter.”

Created in collaboration with The Working Assembly, the campaign will feature out of home posters launching around New York City. The photography captures real single parents to reflect the playfulness of the single parent lifestyle and showcase the seamless transformation from your parenting identity to your dating identity. With copy like “Where the chaperones have fun unsupervised,” “Your kids are asleep. Their kids are asleep. Stay up together,” and “You chase after your kids all day. Find someone who will chase after you,” the campaign aims to attract single parents who are looking to rediscover their sexy, flirty, and spontaneous personalities by breaking free from how they think dating as a single parent should be.

In tandem with the campaign, Stir is rolling out a refreshed interface including a new logo that is fluid and flexible, as well as a calming colorway of purple, brown, orange, and yellow, nodding to traits that are inherent to dating as a single parent.

“One of our goals for the visual refresh and creative campaign was to add levity and playfulness to Stir’s brand world. We wanted the tone and vibe to be inclusive, joyful and inviting to combat any preconceptions or stereotypes of single parents,” said Jolene Delisle, Founder and Head of Creative at The Working Assembly.

About Stir 
Stir is the leading dating app for the 20M single parents in the US that are oftentimes underserved on mainstream dating apps. Stir encourages single parents to rediscover their spontaneous and flirty identities and connect with others who not only understand their life, but live it themselves. Stir is a Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH) company and is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. For more information visit

Stir is the leading dating app for single parents.

Stir is the leading dating app for single parents.



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