12 Tech Tips to Follow Andrew Huberman’s Daily Productivity Routine

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Having a productive daily routine is not only important to your productivity, but your wellness, too. Less stress and procrastination and more happiness and efficiency are merely a handful of the positives that come from having a daily productivity routine.

That’s where Andrew Huberman comes into the picture. Huberman is an accomplished influencer, neuroscientist, and associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine. What’s more, he is also well known for his research on human productivity. This is how you can use technology to follow his productive daily routine in your own life.

Morning Routine

According to Huberman’s routine, it’s preferred to wait a while before drinking any caffeine, and your first meal doesn’t actually come until noon.

1. Wake Up Naturally With a Smart Alarm Clock

The SmartSleep Sunrise Alarm Clock from Philips can wake you up naturally using its combination of diffused light and gentle sounds. This smart alarm clock slowly wakes you up just as the sunrise would.

Even though it is fairly bulky and expensive, its impressive display, touch controls, range of natural sounds, and various brightness settings make it a cut above the rest.

2. Drink Water With a Smart Bottle

As soon as you wake up, Huberman recommends hydrating your body. The WaterH Smart Bottle can help you remember to drink water in the morning as well as throughout the entire day.

Because it is fitted with a smart sensor, the WaterH Smart Bottle also scans your water to detail its quality. Furthermore, it includes an LED drink-water reminder and is available in a variety of colors.

3. Get Exposure to Sunlight

If you can’t expose yourself to natural sunlight, the Verilux HappyLights are a great alternative option. These light therapy boxes and lamps display LED artificial sunlight through a full-spectrum lens to simulate outdoor light without UV rays.

Some HappyLights are portable while others can be conveniently placed on a desk or mounted on a wall. Additionally, the Verilux HappyLights include a countdown timer, different brightness levels, and a selection of color temperatures.

4. Practice Yoga Nidra

Sometimes referred to as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice that centers on sleep and total relaxation. You can include a Yoga Nidra session into your morning routine, just like Huberman, using the Insight Timer app.

To get started, just type “Yoga Nidra” into the search bar. From there you can browse through tons of guided Yoga Nidra tracks based on their length, audio, and type. In addition, the Insight Timer app features various Yoga Nidra courses and even groups.

Download: Insight Timer for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Train to Suit Your Needs

Huberman’s productivity routine puts an emphasis on how important fitness is. So it’s key to add some kind of physical activity to your morning, whether that means strength training or taking an online dance class.

Obe Fitness offers a plethora of live and on-demand workout classes and programs. From quick five-minute classes for beginners to multi-video intense programs, there’s something to suit you on Obe’s online platform.

6. Have Some Caffeine From a Smart Brewer

Although you don’t have to opt to drink a cup of coffee, Huberman recommends drinking it later in the morning if you do. So if you are going to enjoy some caffeine, why not do it the smart way using a Keurig Smart Coffee Brewer?

These single-serve coffee machines are obtainable in a range of different models, like the K-Supreme Plus and the K-Cafe. However, they all offer awesome smart features like app connectivity, Barista Mode, and BrewID.

Afternoon and Evening Routine

From fueling up on a healthy meal to doing some form of exercise, these are the essential components that Huberman’s afternoon and evening productivity routine consists of.

1. Find Healthy Recipes for Your First Meal of the Day

Image Credit: Google

The first dish that Andrew eats is always healthy and low-carb. Google Nest Hub might not be able to cook the dish for you, but it is a hands-free way to find suitable recipes. Moreover, Nest Hub can guide you step-by-step to prepare the ingredients and cook them. And using your Nest Hub is as easy as saying, “Hey Google, find me a low-carb/healthy recipe.”

2. Go for a Run

Huberman recommends leaving cardio for the evening, and going for a run is an excellent option. The Runna app features a friendly online running community, live classes, and advice from the Runna team. But simply put, it can track your running distance, time, and pace in real time.

On top of tracking your runs, Runna is one of the best sources for running plans regardless if your main goal is to finish your first 5k or train for your next marathon.

Download: Runna for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Cook a Starchy Dinner With a Smart Air Fryer

Because Huberman likes to go for a low-carb option for his first meal, his evening meal centers on starchy carbs. A healthy and smart way to cook your dinner is with a device like a COSORI Smart Air Fryer.

These smart kitchen appliances feature various smart cooking functions, remote monitoring, cooking notifications, and more. Also, the COSORI Smart Air Fryers include a recipe book available in the companion app.

4. Read a Book Online

Reading is not for everyone, but it can strengthen your brain and improve your memory. Forget the library—the Ebook Reader app stores all your favorite books on your device, so you can conveniently read wherever and whenever. With Ebook Reader, you can shop for new reading material on the online store or browse through the range of totally free books!

Download: Ebook Reader for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Reduce Screen Exposure Before Bed

When you’re done reading, it’s best to put the screens away as you start to wind down before bed. Do you battle to reduce your screen exposure at night? Try the StayFree app.

With StayFree you can add usage limits to apps and websites, activate Focus Mode to block distractions, and set yourself usage goals. One aspect that makes StayFree stand out is that it can be used on all your devices including your computer or tablet.

Download: StayFree for iOS | Android (Free)

6. Get a Good Night’s Rest

At the end of the day, getting a good night’s rest is the most important part of an effective productivity routine. Sleep Cycle is a smartphone app that features a sleep tracker, a smart alarm clock, and a sleep recorder. Along with that, Sleep Cycle also offers a library of content to lull you to sleep like sleep stories, spatial audio, guides, music, ASMR, and bedtime rhymes.

Download: Sleep Cycle for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Oftentimes, it is tough to figure out what is the best daily routine that works for you to encourage productivity. That being said, it can help to follow someone else’s practices, and it helps if that someone is an accomplished professional.

The best part about Huberman’s daily productivity routine is that it is entirely practicable, even for busy people. The trick is to use the best technology and apps to help you nail it!

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