13 Phone Apps People Absolutely Don’t Regret Buying

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While most phone apps are perfectly fine as the free versions, sometimes people find a paid phone app with features that just knock things out of the park. So, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the phone app they don’t regret buying, and here’s what they had to say below:

1.Spotify. As someone who works on spreadsheets all day, the library of podcasts and music is a necessity.”

2.Dipsea! It’s an app full of erotic audio stories and sounds that have been incredibly helpful in my quest to ‘get my groove back’ or whatever after a few really stressful years shut down my sex drive. Reading erotica has never really done it for me, and porn can be so male-gaze centered that it kinda turns me off, but the stories on Dipsea are really immersive, sexy, and fun. I started with a free trial and never looked back.”

—Gemma, 39, Oakland

3.Headspace. I get panic attacks constantly. I also live with chronic pain and insomnia. I love all the nighttime things. The ‘falling back to sleep’ is a fucking goldmine all by itself. It gives me guided meditation through crippling painsomnia. I love the little stories when I can’t get my brain to shut up. The 500-minute rain is also really great, and all that is just the night stuff. The daytime gives me options for when I’m panicking, hurting, flustered, all of it. I don’t use this every day, but when I need it, I’m in a very dire place. My therapist suggested it, and I ran with it. [It has been] life-changing for me. As you can tell, I’m a little high-strung.”

Mobile screen showing a wellness app with daily activities like breathing, reflection, and meditation

4.Canva. As a small business owner, this app allows me to do so much! I can create everything from product labels and signage to social media posts that all look super professional. So, so worth the $12 a month.”


5.Timelines. I like to track the time I’ve spent doing different activities to help me with my time management, so I make sure I get everything done that I want and need to do. There’s a free version, but with paid, you can track unlimited things. It’s been so helpful!”

Pie chart showing distribution of time spent on activities for a week in January 2017

6.Quickbooks Self-Employed. I can’t believe the time I wasted, in the beginning, keeping manual spreadsheets of money coming in, money spent, miles driven for work, etc. If you’re self-employed, do yourself a favor and spend the $15 a month to use QB; it’ll save so much time and frustration!”

—Anonymous, 34, Tennesse

7.“If you’re actually using it regularly, Super Duolingo is great! But I waited until I had a full year of daily practice under my belt before doing it because I’m not about to pay to have an owl shade me every day.”

An animated green owl, Duo from Duolingo, flying with a heart, encouraging practice with a 'Start' button below

8.“Are you kidding? ChatGPT Plus. An hour after trying the free version, I knew this app would positively change my entire life! Now, five months later, I can’t imagine NOT being able to verbally ask my phone a question and have it talk back with the correct answer. Too bad it wasn’t around before I retired because I’d probably be the senior VP of my old company in about a year!”


9.AllTrails. It’s basically a satellite navigation [app] for walking. It gives you directions to a parking spot and then navigates you on a trail. As someone who isn’t a confident map reader, this app has really allowed me to go out and enjoy the outdoors without getting worried about getting lost, and it’s been so good for my physical and mental health!”

Five smartphone screens showing a trail navigation app with various features like trail maps, navigation, and saved routes

10.America’s Test Kitchen!! My husband and I love to try new recipes. Not only are the recipes tried and true, but they are easy and always delicious! It has also become my husband’s go-to destination for kitchen tools to buy. We are on our second year of the subscription and are always finding something different to try! 100% recommended for people who love to cook and want to try new things!”

—Bananer, 41, Wisconsin

11.Day One! I have used this journaling app for years now, and it continues to add new and exciting features all the time. It’s a great way to journal via text or audio, and you can add all types of media to a journal entry. There are tons of ways to organize different topics via different journals and tags. I will never not pay for this because I use it daily!”

Three smartphones displaying a journaling app with different screens: a new entry prompt, a photo entry, and a list of entries sorted by category

12.Down Dog! One subscription gives you access to multiple apps for various workouts that you can customize EVERYTHING. The voice and speed of the voice telling you what to do, the music playing, the skill level, endless. It makes me want to work out; it’s worth every penny.”


13.Calm! I honestly cannot sleep without the sleep stories now! I’m someone who really struggles to switch off at night, and listening to sleep stories has been so incredibly helpful. It also has mindfulness and meditation exercises that are really accessible even if you’re not someone who’s normally into that kind of thing. I’ve logged 1979 hours on it, apparently. Lol.”

Smartphone displaying the Calm app with meditation and sleep options, set against a mountain background

Do you swear by a paid phone app? Tell us what it is and why you love it in the comments below:

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