16 Colorful And Engaging Free Baby Game Apps

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You will find several baby game apps on Google Play and iTunes, but you may wonder if they are safe for your child. Unfortunately, the usage of digital devices such as phones and tablets is not safe for babies. However, sometimes, these gadgets act as handy distractions to a distraught baby.

If you are caught up in a task on your own, then these entertaining apps could keep them engaged for a while. Choose a colorful game that has a soothing sound, and your baby will be busy exploring it. Read on as we have curated a list of baby game apps that new parents often resort to.

Are Gadgets Safe For Babies?

No doubt, our electronic gadgets may help in engaging, or sometimes, pacifying a baby. However, these gadgets are not entirely safe for babies to use for a long time. According to a study published in the Journal of Physics, excessive use of electronic devices by toddlers negatively impacts their brain development, causes attention disorder, and affects cognitiveiXThe ability of the brain that helps one obtain, process, store, and use information development and speech (1).

Parents should closely monitor and restrict their children’s playtime on these gadgets to prevent these side effects. Additionally, they should keep track of their child’s growth and development.

16 Free Baby Game Apps

Of the hundreds of free baby game apps available online, we have selected a few that may interest you.

1. Shapes and Colors

Image: credit: Shapes and Colors

This educational game application offers 15 games that are designed to develop your child’s attention, memory, fine motor skills, and so on. It includes games for sorting colors, identifying shapes and sizes, and so on. It is suitable for babies aged two to five years. So, they can switch to different games as they grow. These games can also be played by children who are differently-abled.

Download here: iOS

2. Baby Rattle Games: Infant & Toddler Learning Toy

Designed for infants, this gaming app comes with four different themes that help develop your child’s fine motor skills. It makes a rattling sound when the gadget is shaken, so the baby learns cause and effect. It comes with colorful animation and catchy music to keep babies entertained for quite a while.

Download here: iOS

3. Baby Games For One-Year-Olds

It comes with two modes, namely ‘Let’s Play’, and ‘Let’s Learn.’ The ‘Let’s Play’ mode has multiple themes. When you press the theme of your choice, it introduces your child to a new object that can help sharpen their vocabulary. The ‘Let’s Learn’ mode comes with 12 categories, each giving some fun tasks to your child. One of the tasks is to select the right name of the picture shown. The two modes help develop your child’s language skills.

Download here: iOS

4. First Words for Baby

If your little one has been learning a few commonly used words, then this app will further help them memorize the words. This learning app comes with 11 categories, each with around 120 flashcards. The flashcards contain images of commonly used items and their names. Furthermore, it contains animations and funny sounds to ensure your child learns and enjoys playing on the app. You may also use this engaging app to design a simple quiz-like game for your baby.

Download here: Android

protip_icon Trivia
Games like First Words for Baby can help develop your child’s linguistic skillsiXOne’s ability to communicate in written and spoken form and improve word recognition.

5. Tozzle Lite – Toddler’s Favorite Puzzle

This puzzle app comes with a variety of puzzle pictures and funny sounds. Once you click the play button, your child has to tap the figure and drag and drop it in the correct space. If they are unable to get it right even after three attempts, an arrow appears on the screen to help the child get it right. After the puzzle is solved, the app plays a sound that your child can enjoy by tapping on the figures.

Download here: iOS

6. Musical Me! – Kids Songs Music

Image: credit: Musical Me

Babies vibe with music. Playing nursery rhymes not only keeps them distracted but also helps them learn better. This app plays popular songs and rhymes with catchy music and beats for babies. It also comes with play-along instruments that may help your child develop a knack for playing music. Its dancing game allows babies to tap on the animated character, so they can dance to the music.

Download here: iOS

7. Talking Baby Games with Baby

Here is a cute app with a talking baby. Similar to a real child, this animated baby also cries, smiles, laughs, and does much more. It is an interactive app in which the character does whatever it is instructed to do by clicking on the button placed at the sides of the screen. The 3D graphics and voice interaction can keep the child engaged for a long time.

Download here: Android

8. Funny Food!

To develop a familiarity with preschool activities, you can have your child play this game. This app contains puzzles in which babies have to sort food items according to their shapes and sizes. Its simple interface enables the baby to navigate easily and quickly. It helps develop attention, logic, and fine motor skills in children.

Download here: Android

9. Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

This sensoryiX Related to the physical senses of sight, touch, sense, smell and hearing learning app is designed to help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination. Touching the screen creates a vibrating effect as well as bubbles or fireworks on display, helping them understand cause and effect. Your child can select the fish and decide where it swims on the screen. The screen lock ensures your baby does not accidentally exit the game. This sensory game is also suited for children with autismiXA neurological and developmental disorder that may impact the way they socially interact, communicate, and learning .

Download here: Android

10. Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words

This app contains games and activities loaded with pictures and sounds. It plays nursery rhymes and songs to keep babies entertained. The interactive game plays various sounds along with images to help your child identify the object. It also has a music player with different musical instruments that can be played by touching the screen. The games are designed to build your child’s memory and observation skills.

Download here: Android

11. Fish School – 123 ABC for Kids

This game app has eight educational activities pertaining to letters, shapes, numbers, and so on. Its underwater animation and sound make learning interesting for little ones. It has games that ask babies to spot the fish that is the odd one out. It also asks babies to match fishes, which helps hone their observation and identification skills. Tapping on the screen makes the fish do funny things to entertain babies.

Download here: iOS

12. Little Stars – Toddler Games

With a space theme, this app comes with ten toddler games designed to help develop mental skills in babies. Its game topics include alphabet, first words, shapes, numbers, and so on. You can customize the game at your convenience. You can even record the language of your preference and add items of your choice. Space animation helps develop children’s interest in space from a young age.

Download here: iOS

13. Kids Balloon Pop Game

Here is an app that gives you a wide range of languages to choose from. This educational game includes the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and a game of popping balloons. It comes with an option to disable background images or even change the appearance and size of balloons, so it becomes easy to play for children with visual impairment.

Download here: Android

14. My Talking Tom Friends

Image: credit: My Talking Tom Friends

This interactive game app comes with six animated characters that need to be tended to by the player. Similar to babies, they need to be fed and bathed. You can choose the character of your choice and customize their house and wardrobe. The app also has puzzles that test your baby’s reflexes. The characters play inside and outside their house, participating in a variety of activities. You can also speak to the characters, which will mimic your words.

Download here: Android

15. Baby Games

This app comes with six baby games targeted at improving various baby skills such as hand-eye coordination and sound recognition. Its games are simple and include bursting of balloons, launching of rockets through a touch, and peek-a-boo. The screen lock option ensures your child does not accidentally open the home screen.

Download here: Android

16. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a fun and engaging learning platform that requires no subscription. The app opens a world of educational games, stories, and activities for children aged 2 to 8. It is a place where children can learn math, reading, writing, and more while playing exciting games. The app also provides a personalized learning path to cater to each child’s needs. With adorable characters, interactive lessons, and engaging challenges, it is the perfect mix of learning and fun. So, if you are looking for an engaging way for kids to discover and grow, Khan Academy Kids is the place to be.

Download here: Android

1. Is a mobile screen harmful for infants?

The World Health Organization recommends that babies under two should have no screen time, and those aged two to four should have no more than one hour per day. Babies should learn more from human interactions than machines (2).

2. Can too much screen time cause autism?

Scientific studies have related electronic screen exposure to autistic-like symptoms. More than three hours of screen exposure in children younger than two years have been found with language delay, hyperactivity, and short attention span (3).

3. What are some features to look for when selecting a baby game app?

When choosing a baby game app, finding options that balance education and entertainment is important. Consider your child’s age, developmental stage, and individual requirements. However, being conscious of screen time is crucial, particularly for young children.

4. How can parents use baby game apps to help their children learn about animals and nature?

Parents can make use of baby game apps as a tool to educate their children about animals and nature. Parents can help children learn in an engaging and interactive way by choosing apps that provide information on animal names, sounds, and habitats. You can look for apps with vibrant artwork and sounds and quiz and game options for better understanding.

Despite safety concerns, it is unavoidable for millennial babies to interact with technology. Hence, it is preferable to involve them in something productive. You can choose a game from the list of baby game apps with a simple user interface so that your child can play it easily and like it. Number or counting games, colorful games, musical games, first word games, and other educational games are included – you may choose any. So download your favorite apps, and the next time you give your device to your little one, it will be a learning tool rather than a mere distraction.

Infographic: Practical Alternatives To Game Apps To Engage The Baby

Screen time for babies may be a bad idea for their neurodevelopment. Do you think it is unavoidable, as nothing seems to keep them calm and distracted while you work? Here are a few practical and better alternatives to game apps that can keep your baby entertained without impacting their health.

keep your baby entertained without using phone (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Game apps for babies help keep them engaged for specific periods.
  • Babies’ screen time should be closely monitored at all times.
  • Talking tom, Little Stars, Talking Baby Games with baby, and various other baby game apps have been listed below.

Make early learning fun for babies with these engaging baby games like piano melodies, interactive baby phones, and first-word adventures by RV AppStudios. Nurture your little one’s curiosity and skills in a playful, educational world.

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