18 Best Pregnancy Apps For Expectant Moms And Dads

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Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be filled with nerves, anxiety and questions like: What size is the baby? How much water should I be drinking? What symptoms are normal?

Thankfully, pregnancy apps have come a long way in being able to guide new parents through the experience. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, pregnancy apps can make your life as a mom-to-be a lot easier.

A good pregnancy app tells you more than just whether your baby is the size of a blueberry or an avocado. You can get regular updates about your baby’s growth and your changing body, and answers to questions like, “When will this morning sickness end?” and “Why do I have this random pain in my leg?” Some even offer keepsakes to treasure long after baby arrives.

Dr. Steve Rad, an OB-GYN in Los Angeles, tells that pregnancy apps are a “wonderful resource” for parents.

“The apps have information from your journey starting pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond,” Rad says. “They even have helpful ovulation calculators and helpful guides for women and families trying to conceive.”

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18 Best Pregnancy Apps

These 18 pregnancy apps will help guide you through every stage of pregnancy, right into life as a new parent:

Best all-in-one app

BabyCenter: You’ll find a large library of articles and videos about pregnancy, and the app can help guide you from trying to conceive to bringing your baby home from the hospital.

“This app has an extensive medical advisory board of expert doctors and professionals to help make sure (it) provides the most complete and accurate information,” Rad says.

BabyCenter is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app for first-time moms

The Bump: With a planner to help you prepare for every appointment with your doctor, 3D visualizations of your baby’s weekly growth and daily articles that cover every aspect of pregnancy, The Bump is designed with a first-time mom in mind. You also can get answers to your questions in real time from experts and other moms.

The Bump is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app for getting the inside scoop on all things pregnancy

What to Expect: With daily content created to help you feel updated on all aspects of pregnancy, this app is a fan favorite for moms.

“It is one of the longest known, (most) trusted pregnancy resources and we have been recommending their book to our patients for years! Their information is … reviewed and vetted by a panel of experts and advisers,” Rad says.

What to Expect is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best pregnancy app for a focus on mental health 

Expectful: Explore weekly meditations that focus on each step of pregnancy. There are meditations for enduring sleepless nights, reducing stress and bonding with babies once they arrive. There’s even a search option for prenatal and postnatal fitness classes, group meditations and group support sessions in your area.

Subscriptions for Expectful are $12.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

Best app for second-time moms

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker: For the experienced mom, you’ll need an app that helps you balance it all: keep track of your doctor’s appointments and upcoming tests, and monitor checklists for all the things you need to accomplish before the baby arrives. This no-frills app helps keep you organized when mom brain and pregnancy brain collide.

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker ranges in price from $1.99 to $12.99 depending on the subscription you choose. 

Best pregnancy app for the third trimester

Pregnancy Assistant: While this app features an ovulation tracker and month-to month baby development updates, it really comes in handy during the last few weeks of pregnancy. You’ll be able to track your baby’s movement and your contractions once you go into labor.

The ad-free app also allows you to track your ovulation, which is helpful if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancy Assistant is 99 cents with in-app purchase options.

Best app for moms who love to journal

Sprout Pregnancy: With Sprout’s Next Generation 3D Interaction, you’ll get to see lifelike movements, kicks and developments at each stage of pregnancy. This app also doubles as a pregnancy journal that can be turned into a book for your baby.

Capture belly photos and record your thoughts, feelings and emotions during your pregnancy. When your baby is born, you’ll get a PDF of your journal to share with your little one.

Sprout Pregnancy is free on Apple iOS and Android with in-app purchase options.

Best app for prenatal workouts

Baby2Body: Get daily workouts, and nutrition and wellness tips with Baby2Body. This app has experts to help you feel healthy at all stages of your pregnancy and beyond.

Plus, you can receive tailored workouts and mindfulness tools to keep you feeling strong and focused. Baby2Body is free on Apple iOS and Android with in-app purchase options.

Best app for multiples

Twiniversity: Designed for parents expecting more than one baby, the Twiniversity app shares tips and tricks from parents of twins that you can use for each week of pregnancy and the first year of their lives.

From twin registries, weekly development updates and even feeding and diapering tips, if you’ve got multiples on board, this app will help.

Twiniversity is free on Apple iOS and Android with in-app purchase options. 

Best app for baby names

BabyName: This one works just like a dating app but for baby names. You and your partner download the app and swipe left on names you don’t like and swipe right on names you do like. If you and your partner both swipe right on a name, you’ll get an update and that name will go into a list of potentials. After a few swipes, you’ll have a list of mutually approved names to work with.

BabyName is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best customizable app

Glow Nurture: This simple app is designed to be completely customized to you and your pregnancy. You’ll get updates and insights based on the data you enter, and the charts and symptoms tracker will help you better understand your pregnancy.

You can set reminders for your appointments and medications, and download PDFs of your symptoms and health data to share with your healthcare provider. 

Glow Nurture is free on Apple iOS and Android with in-app purchase options.

Best apps for dads-to-be

ProDaddy: For the dad who’s looking to be supportive of their partner during their pregnancy, ProDaddy answers questions first-time dads may have and provides quick breakdowns on topics like breastfeeding and postpartum care.

It even shares gear and gadgets that dads might want to add to the baby registry. Also included are pregnancy updates and “Daddy Deep Dives” that offer in-depth information on plenty of parenting topics. 

ProDaddy is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app for documenting your belly

CineMama: Take photos of your growing bump and CineMama will transform those pictures into a movie. Add titles and music before sharing the movie with friends and family. There’s even a diary so you can document your moods and feelings all while creating a keepsake that is also a fun way to share your pregnancy journey.

CineMama is free on Apple iOS and Android

Best app for tracking fertility and ovulation

Ovia: If you are trying to get pregnant, Ovia can help you track your period and the changes in your body to figure out when you ovulate. Even if you have irregular periods, Ovia uses an algorithm to help find your most fertile days. Plus, it sends you reminders on the days you’re most fertile and shares when you can take a pregnancy test.

Once pregnant, you can continue using the app to get weekly updates on your growing baby.

Ovia is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app to help with your baby registry

Babylist: Create a one-stop-shop registry that has everything you’ll need for your pregnancy, newborn and beyond.

Get expert reviews on products and make gift giving easy by adding items from any store to a universal registry.

There’s even a place to create sign-ups for help after the baby arrives. Friends can offer to bring over meals, walk your dog or help with house cleaning.

Babylist is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app for partners and family

Preglife: This app contains all the usual pregnancy-tracking features, but you also can share the profile with your partner or your family members who are just as excited about your pregnancy journey. Now they can see weekly updates and keep track of symptoms or feelings you’re having about your pregnancy.

There’s also a “share with a partner” section where the app sends a to-do list to a partner. Whether you need help getting directions to the hospital or installing the car seat, you won’t have to ask because the app does it for you.

Preglife is free on Apple iOS and Android.

Best app for medicine questions 

MommyMeds: Run by the InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, the app has a database of more than 20,000 drugs, vitamins and medications. With a quick search, you’ll be able to read if a medicine is safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding. Plus you can reach out to an expert if you have questions about certain medications and their side effects. 

A subscription costs $3.99 a year.

Best app for moms looking to connect

Peanut: This app lets you connect with women in your area who are going through similar situations. Whether you are navigating pregnancy, new motherhood, miscarriage or infertility, you’ll be able to find a support system close to home.

It’s possible to chat with people and set up video calls or in-person meetings through the app.

Peanut is free on Apple iOS and Android with in-app purchase options.

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