20 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Apple Watch in 2024

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What are the different types of apps I can put on my Apple Watch?

There are a total of 45 types of apps that a user can put on their Apple Watch. We have listed some of the popular ones below:

1. Alarm
2. App Store
3. Heart Rate
4. Music
5. Phone

In order to reach the entire list, click on the link here to reach the official page.

What are some of the latest Apple fitness apps that can be used with Apple Watch?

Here is a list of the latest best workout apps for Apple Watch for you to try. Check them out:

1. MyFitnessPal
2. Sworkit
3. Nike Run Club
4. Headspace
5. None to Run

Which fitness apps come preinstalled with Apple Watch?

Some of the best Apple Watch Health Apps that come preinstalled with the device are:

Workout App: This best workout app on Apple Watch supports a variety of activities such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing, yoga, etc.

Activity App: This best fitness app for app watch is capable of monitoring your daily moves, exercises, and goals. It also provides you with your workout history and other parameters related to your health

Heart Rate App: This app helps you track your heart rate throughout the day helping you assess your workout and general activity of your resting heart

Sleep App: Sleep is an important aspect of a healthy life. This Apple Watch app helps you assess the amount of sleep you are getting, the quality of sleep, and the different stages of sleep

Mindfulness App: This app helps with guided meditation and breathing exercises that help in managing mental health.

What is the difference between Apple fitness and health apps?

Ideally, both of these applications are designed to keep the health of the user in check. However, the focus for both these types is different.

Let’s understand the difference in detail:

“App Health is a term used for an app that provides consolidated stats related to your steps, heart rate, sleep, and weight. It is also capable of integrating with other health apps and devices in order to see all the health data in one place”

“Apple Fitness is focused on tracking workouts and reaching fitness goals. It offers a variety of workouts that include Yoga, Pilates, Strength, HIIT, etc. These workout apps on Apple provide guided workouts that are led by trained professionals.

To summarize the difference here’s a table for you:

Features App Health Apple Fitness
Focus Areas Overall health Only Fitness
Stats Provided for Steps, heart rate, sleep, weight, and more Workouts, heart rate, calories burned, and more
Integration Other health apps and devices Apple Fitness+
Pricing Model Free Requires subscription to Apple Fitness+

Are there any free fitness apps available for Apple Watch?

There are several best free fitness apps for Apple Watch that are available in the Apple App Store. Here’s a consolidated list of the best Apple Watch Health apps, Have a look:

1. Nike Run Club
2. Strava
3. Fitbit
4. MyFitnessPal
5. 7-minute Workout 
6. Freelectic
7. Zombies, Run!
8. Down Dog

I hope you liked the above information about the best fitness apps for the Apple Watch in 2023. The goal of fitness apps is to make health accessible and efficient for users worldwide. So, if you own an app and want to get your product reviewed, connect with MobileAppDaily experts to get an in-depth review of your app. The app review helps you build marketing collateral and benefit your product reach to new audiences and potential customers.

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