3DLook Launches AI Body-Scanning Tech for Fitness Apps

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With the API, fitness brands can improve engagement by offering members a more in-depth look at their health than body weight readings

Some of the most advanced technology in fitness and wellness will soon be a click or a tap away. 

3DLook, a leader in AI-based mobile body scanning solutions, announced the launch of FitXpress — the first AI-powered body scanning, health data monitoring and visual progression program for health and wellness businesses. Through a single API, users can view their 3D body models, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR) estimates via a scan.

FitXpress utilizes two user photos to generate 80-plus measurements. The goal is to help users develop a complete picture of their body shape weight changes and fitness levels. The tech uses neural nets trained on a data set of hundreds of thousands of user-generated photos as well as manually measured and scanned consumers. 

The API looks to help fitness brands improve retention and engagement by providing their members with a more in-depth look at their health progress than body weight readings alone, spurring motivation. 

“Many of us have experienced the frustration of dedicating weeks to fitness, only to be disheartened by the scale’s numbers,” said Whitney Cathcart, 3DLOOK chief commercial officer. “This often leads to abandoning our health apps and relegating workout clothes to loungewear for TV marathons.”

While the global fitness app market continues to grow at an annual rate of 10%, fitness apps have historically struggled to retain customers, with 63% calling it quits after just one day and 91% after 28 days, according to 3DLook.

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“What’s perceived as weight gain is frequently muscle growth, a tangible indicator of progress,” Cathcart added. “Considering the potential 30% discrepancy in traditional scales and the inaccuracies of even the most advanced body-fat scales, the issue becomes clear. FitXpress addresses this by providing a true understanding of what scale readings represent, making it significantly less likely for individuals to abandon their health objectives when they can visually appreciate the transformation of their body with each session.” 

3DLook’s distaste for the traditional scale as a barometer for health is shared among other fit tech players.

The TRU Body Composition Solution, unveiled at IHRSA 2024 by seca, analyzes a user’s health and wellness by focusing on advanced metrics after a full body scan. Connected fitness brand Tempo has also experimented with AI-powered body-scanning technology as a way to drive member engagement and paint a more accurate picture of workout progress.

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