5 best fitness apps for well-rounded workouts

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Kicking off a new workout routine can be hard going — and not just due to a lack of motivation.

Not knowing where or how to start can also be a major roadblock. And that’s why we love fitness apps. 

The right workout app can help you gain momentum and motivation in reaching your weight loss or fitness goals — and have fun along the way.

With a plethora of options now available, we investigate some of the best home workout apps, including those with added benefits like meal planning, HIIT workouts, yoga, Pilates and more.

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The best apps for every workout

Best free workout app

Photo: Nike

Cost: Free

We all love a freebie, and Nike delivers with its training app.

Hosting over 200 workouts across all modalities, including yoga, running, lifting, HIIT, meditation and more, Nike is committed to helping its app’s users set goals — and reach them. 

With new videos added by expert Nike trainers on a regular basis, the library is ever-expanding, with sessions ranging in length from five minutes to 50. 

Essentially a personal trainer in your pocket, these sessions are easy to do at home, in the gym or wherever you may find yourself.

The most convenient option

Woman grinning, mid-squat, holding a weight, with a target on the wall behind her

Photo: Apple
Pros & Cons
  • Part of the Fitness app on iPhone

  • Connects with Apple Watch

  • Up to three months free trial

  • 12 types of workout

  • Good for beginners and pros

Cost: £9.99/month or £79.99 annually

According to Statista, approximately half of all smartphone users in the UK are iPhone owners. That means there are millions of people in the UK alone with access to the standard Apple Fitness app, able to redeem at least one month of Apple Fitness+ for free. 


Every new subscriber to Apple Fitness+ benefits from a complimentary first month, while those who newly purchase an Apple product can enjoy up to three months free of charge. 

With workouts ranging from just five to 45 minutes long, and including everything from running to kickboxing, Pilates to meditation, warm-ups to cool-downs — it’s an app that caters to users of all ages and abilities. 

Plus, you can connect the app with your Apple Watch, or just track your progress, heart rate and calories burned in your regular iPhone Health app. 

Best fitness app for men

Chris Hemsworth, pictured working out with weights outdoors

Photo: Centr
Pros & Cons
  • Access Chris Hemsworth’s team

  • Seven-day free trial

  • Includes workouts, meal plans and mindfulness

  • Easy workout planner

Cost: £22.99/month or £93.99 annually

Whether you’re a Thor fan or not, it’s undeniable that Chris Hemsworth has got it going on when it comes to his health and fitness regime. 

So, if you’re someone looking to work on your strength, cardio and tone, the opportunity to collaborate with Hemsworth’s very own team of experts is a bit of a no-brainer.

Enter: Centr, the app designed to help you build strength and reach your goals. 

With over 4,000 workouts available, 1,000 recipes, specialised short and long-term training programmes and even mental fitness routines (including sleep, mindfulness and breathwork), this exercise app helps you work out smarter — not just harder. 

Best for women

Two women laughing as they exercise, holding blue Kic weight balls

Photo: Kic
Pros & Cons
  • Inclusive and empowering approach 

  • Great range of workouts

  • Four to 12 week programmes available

  • One week free trial

  • Available for iOS and Android

Cost: £14.99/month or £99.99 annually

While Kic may still be making its way to the forefront of fitness apps in the UK, it boasts an impressive following in Australia, where it was founded, with over 700,000 downloads and counting.

The reason for its growing success?

It’s home to over 1,000 workouts, 800 satisfying and healthy recipes, 100 meditations and more, from 19 expert trainers. And, unlike some apps which are focused on results, Kic is also all about the journey to wellness. 

It aims to turn the tables on negative ideas of body image and provide inclusive workouts that are sustainable in the long term.

Founders Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw recognise the gap between setting and achieving fitness goals and are doing their best to close this in a positive and empowering way, for people of all walks of life.

There’s even a whole section dedicated to expectant mothers, helping to ensure you can keep healthy, active and feel empowered throughout pregnancy. 

LOVE it.

Best app for cycle enthusiasts

Black and white Peloton logo

Photo: Apple
Pros & Cons
  • 30-day free trial 

  • Pairs with Apple Watch and Android smartwatches

  • Variety of workouts available

  • Can personalise your plan

  • On-demand and live classes

Cost: £12.99/month or £129 annually

We’ve all heard of Peloton bikes. The modern exercycle shot to fame during the pandemic, when indoor cycling and workout routines were embraced the world over.

But Peloton is not just about bikes. It’s a brand that’s committed to holistic health and fitness and, as such, offers its very own fitness app.

And, while cycling classes are the foundation of this app, workouts include a variety of classes, from running to strength, cardio, HIIT, Pilates, meditation and more. And they’re popular, too, with over 737,000 users ranking the app 4.9 stars on average.

Pretty impressive.

Plus, as part of the Peloton App One community, members can also access up to three Peloton equipment-based classes per month (whether cycling, rowing, or treadmill).


Which fitness app is best for you?

No matter your fitness level or goal, we’re sure one of these top-rated workout apps will fit your needs. 

If you’d like to ramp up your workouts but have a limited budget, why not try the FREE Nike Training Club app?

If you’re focused on building muscle then Chris Hemsworth’s Centr app could be the right choice.

And, if you’re after a well-rounded, holistic routine that helps train your body, mind and soul — and caters to women during pregnancy — then you can’t go wrong with Kic. 

Here’s to achieving your fitness goals!

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