7 Amazing Art Apps to Give You Creative Inspiration

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Creative block is a common phenomenon among artists, writers, and musicians. Creative designers, who usually have to work on multiple designs simultaneously, face this issue quite often.

Taking a break in such cases can be helpful. But honestly, not everyone can afford a break all the time. Therefore, a more feasible solution in those situations is to seek creative inspiration to unblock your creativity.

So, let’s look at a handpicked list of art apps that can help you get your creative juices flowing.

1. Behance

Behance is a part of the Adobe Family. It is a free app that allows you to showcase your online portfolio creatively and professionally. The app also enables you to seek creative inspiration and guidance from other people’s portfolios.

Whether you are a photographer, a graphic designer, or a part of any other creative field, Behance is full of ideas and inspirations for you. All you need to do is tap the search icon and type whatever you are seeking. You will get thousands of ideas in front of you.

You can also follow other people’s profiles and watch their updates, projects, and moodboards. Every project has a specific URL that can be shared with others. A chat feature on the app enables you to communicate with other creative people on Behance to seek creative advice.

Download: Behance for Android | iOS (Free)

2. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is another amazing app that offers a lot of creative inspiration. It is one of the largest social communities that allows artists and art lovers to connect.

The app offers newly uploaded content in tons of categories. You can also pin your favorite accounts and profiles for viewing later.

It has various useful features to feed the artist in you. For example, you can:

  • Showcase your art and get feedback.
  • Browse a collection of millions of artworks by different artists across various genres.
  • Join groups of people with similar interests, and chat with them.
  • Add your favorite creators to your friend list and keep a close eye on their creations.

As an artist, you’ll really enjoy DeviantArt. It’s worth checking out.

Download: DeviantArt for Android | iOS (Free)

3. DailyArt

If you are a fan of historical art and are hungry to know more about it, DailyArt is a must-have app for you. It is an app that allows you to learn everything about the art pieces you love and get notified about them every day at a set time. It is more like a historical art encyclopedia to inspire you every day.

However, DailyArt is not limited to just art pieces or paintings but also includes museums, historical buildings, and artists’ biographies in its premium version. You can add masterpieces to your favorites and revisit them later.

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Every day a new painting or piece of art is featured on the home page of the app. This feature keeps you informed and inspired. You can set the language and time as per your convenience. The app also has a sharing feature to share exciting information about those historical gems with your friends.

Download: DailyArt for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. ArtStation

ArtStation is one of the best platforms to showcase your portfolio online and make it reach the right audience. You can also use the app to get the best creative inspiration. ArtStation is a genuinely innovative app and has numerous sections, including Prints, Jobs, Blogs, and Magazine.

ArtStation will give you some incredible ideas to turn your art into a masterpiece, even if you face a block. It also has a number of filters where you can select the topics of your interest.

Further, the app allows you to follow and unfollow channels as per your interests. The channels vary from anatomy, abstract, animals, storyboards, and many more.

If you select one art piece, all the relevant searches and the creator’s details will appear at the bottom, making the whole process more user-friendly for you.

Download: ArtStation for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Pixiv

Pixiv is another app for creative inspiration categorized into three sections: Illustrations, Manga, and Novels. This means that you can get creative inspirations regarding writing, videos, photos, art pieces, comic books, and graphic novels.

The app also recommends some artworks based on your interests. A feature called My Pixiv allows you to save the illustrations, manga, and novels that you like for viewing later.

Like other apps on the list, this one also allows you to showcase your portfolio online using the Submit Work option. You can search for your desired artworks using the search bar and use the Pixiv History tab to view your previous searches conveniently.

Download: Pixiv for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture app offers you access to the stories, knowledge, and culture of over 2000 institutions in more than 70 countries. This app is your entry to art, history, and culture.

The app provides you with multiple creative inspirations like ways to enrich your artwork using Art Transfer, Art Selfies, Color Palettes, and Art Projectors. It also allows you to visit different places and cultures through the app using Art Camera, 360-Degree Videos, Virtual Reality Tours, and Street Views.

The app notifies and recommends to you the museums or art places near you. Using its Art Recognizer feature, you can point your camera at artworks in selected museums to learn more about them. The best thing about the app is that it has new recommendations for you every day.

Download: Google Arts & Culture for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Art Prompts

Art Prompts is an excellent Android app for you to overcome the creator’s block. As the name suggests, the app provides you with a starting point or an inspiration. By following that lead, you will be able to draw something creative and unique.

The app features over 1000 unique prompts to provide you with all the inspiration you need to keep drawing. The prompts are divided into categories like people, animals, places, fantasy, and special categories like architecture, animal hybrids, and even NSFW.

The categories make it easier for you to find the prompts relevant to your desired field. The app also allows you to mark some prompts as your favorites to view them later easily.

Download:Art Prompts for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Get Inspired With These Apps

If you are suffering from a creative block or simply want to fulfill your craving for art, all the apps mentioned above can help you feed your creative soul in a fun and exciting way.

These apps don’t just help you with the creative block but also make you learn about different cultures, artworks, and museums right from the comfort of your home.

So, go ahead and try these apps to spend your free time creatively.

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