7 Apps They Use Daily To Manage Their Wealth

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While many middle-income Americans have adopted apps like Robinhood or Wealthfront to manage their investments with commission-free trading, the world’s billionaires typically have a team of financial advisors to move their money.

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That doesn’t mean billionaires don’t want to stay on top of the latest investment news and trends. Just like the rest of us, they use apps for shopping, booking travel and experiences, and networking.

However, the apps may be a bit different than the ones preferred by the other 99.99% of the world.

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1. Quintessentially

Described as a 24/7 luxury lifestyle management service, Quintessentially provides an app described in The App Store as “your portal to a world of luxury.” The service gives members access to a luxury concierge with a massive global network. Book travel, dinners, events and more that align with your personal brand.

2. JamesEdition

Think of a Facebook marketplace for the world’s wealthiest elite, and you’ll have JamesEdition. You can purchase real estate, luxury cars, yachts, jets, jewelry and more.

3. Blade

Like an Uber for air-based vehicles, Blade helps billionaires book helicopters, private or shared jets, or seaplanes to beat traffic. For instance, you can get from Manhattan to the Hamptons in five minutes. The company is transitioning to Electric Vertical Aircraft, which will make travel easier and more sustainable, too.

4. Myria

Launched last year, Myria combines private concierge services with an online social club, according to the New York Post. For a cool $30,000 annual fee, provided you also pass the screening process that deems you worthy of the 1%, you gain access to a private concierge and other members who may share invitations to exclusive events.

5. Bloomberg

As a billionaire, you want to keep tabs on the investment news and analysis, along with your own standing amongst the world’s elite. The Bloomberg app might be your go-to news source. Of course, billionaires may have their own news preferences. For instance, Jeff Bezos probably turns to The Washington Post, the media outlet he purchased for $250 millon in 2013.

6. Telegram

When the wealthy go on vacation or make plans, they don’t want others to discover their whereabouts or be able to track them. With this in mind, they likely use the Telegram app to connect with family and friends. Conversations on Telegram aren’t backed up on iCloud and the app provides a greater level of privacy than Facebook Messenger.

7. X/Twitter

Billionaire Elon Musk loved Twitter so much that he purchased the company and continues to post frequently, for better or worse. You can also find Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Richard Branson on X, formerly Twitter. Notably missing? Jeff Bezos, who doesn’t appear to have posted since 2022.

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Whether it comes to socializing or spending money, the world’s wealthiest do it the same way others do, through a collection of apps tailored to their interests and needs.

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