Apple Music appears to be blocked on rooted Android devices

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An error message in the app states that it is only available on unrooted devices


  • Rooting your Android device allows you to remove bloatware, tweak apps with Magisk modules, and improve battery life through mods.
  • Apple Music has started detecting rooted devices, causing the app to stop, but there are workarounds like using MagiskHide tool.
  • Google and other developers also take measures to block rooted devices from using their apps, but workarounds exist through tools like Magisk.

There are several reasons why you might want to root your Android device. By doing so, you can fully remove bloatware, download Magisk modules to tweak your apps, and improve your battery life through various mods. However, software developers aren’t always willing to play nicely with rooted devices. This seems to be the case when it comes to Apple Music, as some app users are now discovering.


How to install Magisk modules on a rooted Android phone

Finding new modules might look a little different from now on

As noted by Google expert @AssembleDebug on X (formerly Twitter) and members of the AndroidRoot subreddit, the Apple Music app is now presenting rooted Android users with a message stating that it can only be used on an unrooted device. This has apparently become an issue with the release of Apple Music beta version 4.7, and it results in the app automatically crashing. However, some users have already found workarounds for the problem. One of the most popular solutions seems to be to use the MagiskHide tool, which prevents a rooted device from being detected — many Redditors have claimed to see success with this method.

While this may seem like an issue exclusive to Apple apps, other developers also take extra measures to prevent rooted device users from installing their software. Recently, Google was seen blocking RCS from functioning in Messages on rooted Android devices. To make matters worse, no error message pops up when RCS is being blocked — this means that those being affected may be unaware of the issue or its cause. There are also reports of the problem dating back as far as 2023. Fortunately, many people have found ways to work around the issue through the Magisk and Play Integrity Fix tools.

That being said, this is one example of the many issues you may run into if you choose to use a rooted Android device. Both Google and Apple are known for sniffing out such modifications, but if the hassle is worth it to you, rooting comes with its own set of benefits.

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