Apple Research app’s latest update introduces family history sharing

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In 2019, Apple unveiled its innovative Research App, allowing Apple Watch and iPhone users to partake in medical research studies. Fast forward to now, the tech giant has rolled out a new version of the app.

According to 9to5Mac, the latest 5.0 version introduces a noteworthy update. Previously, studies were personal, allowing users to share only their individual health data with researchers. With this update, Apple now permits studies to request and users to share family health history when available.

Since iOS 16, users can already share their health data stored in the Apple Health app with friends and family. However, the latest Apple Research app update does not stop there. Another feature on the horizon is the ability to invite friends to participate in specific studies, fostering a more collaborative approach.

The Apple Research app currently supports three distinct studies: a women’s health study in partnership with Harvard, a heart and movement study in collaboration with the American Heart Association, and a hearing study conducted in partnership with the University of Michigan. Potential participants need to check their eligibility before joining a specific study, with the app ensuring user consent before collecting any health data.

Apple notes that a significant number—200,000 people—are actively contributing to groundbreaking research using Apple Watch and iPhone. As wearable technology advances, researchers gain access to a wealth of data about our health. Samsung recently analyzed 716 million nights of sleep behaviors from Samsung Health and Galaxy Watch users globally, revealing a universal decline in sleep duration.

Earlier this year, Apple underscored the role of the Apple Watch in long-term health research globally. Scientists from the US, Europe, and Australia are leveraging it to gain insights into the consequences of various treatments. The intersection of technology and health research continues to pave the way for a deeper understanding of our well-being.

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