Art Buffs Collective – Applications due 1/15 | International Affairs Program

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The Division of Arts and Humanities invites applications to become a founding member of the Art Buffs Collective (ABC), demonstrating to campus and beyond how Boulder students know and create their “ABCs”.

The ABC represents a new focus on the centrality of all Arts and Humanities art practices to forming connections on campus and in the world. The collective uplifts an idea of creative practice as world making, and, as such, this endeavor will create curricular, community, and lived spaces that highlight the impact of creative production in our personal, academic, and professional lives. Knowing your ABCs, then, is a model for cooperation between art practices in universities and the worlds in which they inhabit.

As a founding member, you will be asked to attend events in which you will be introduced to a community of artists, alumni, and leaders that live these principles across the country. You will explore how their paths can be model for integrating artistic and/or creative practices into your life and the life of other CU students, both on campus and after graduation. In collaboration with your peers, you will guide an exploration on campus of what the arts can bring to the student experience in other disciplines, as well as how other disciplines can support students in creating a sustainable lifetime practice of creation.

In support of this work, successful applicants will receive a $5,000 internship stipend for Summer 2024. This stipend can augment and support an internship that you have already secured, or if you have not yet found an internship opportunity, you will be supported in finding a placement.

Applications are due by January 15th. Applicants must be currently enrolled as a CU Boulder undergraduate student, with at least one major or minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Applicants must be enrolled on campus for spring semester 2024 as well as planning to be enrolled for the academic year 2024-2025. Unofficial transcripts for applicants may be accessed to verify enrollment and application details. Use this link to apply (must be logged into CU Microsoft account). 

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Storch at

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