Best Online Workout Programs to Try in 2024

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If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey, lose weight or run your first marathon next year, there’s nothing like a good online workout program to help you meet your goal. They’re a fantastic solution if you can’t fit regular trips to the gym into your schedule, and in many cases, they’re more affordable than gym memberships.

These programs and fitness apps offer a robust selection of on-demand and live home workouts. You can pick and choose classes to add variety to your daily workouts, or follow recommended programs. And if you’re looking for personal trainer, some of these programs even connect you with a fitness coach who can create a custom program of daily workouts based on your goals. There are many online workout programs out there, but not all of them offer the same quality or experience. That’s why we’ve highlighted the key need-to-know information about the best online workout programs. Browse through the programs below and you’ll be able to quickly see which one might work for you.

Our Picks for the Best Online Workout Programs of 2024:

  • Best Online Workout Program Overall: Future
  • Best Personal Training Online Workout Program: Caliber
  • Best HIIT Online Workout Program: Future
  • Best Yoga Online Workout Program: Alo Moves
  • Best Online Workout Program for Variety: Caliber
  • Best Online Workout Program for Runners: Joggo
  • Best Free Online Workout Program: Nike Training Club
  • Best Online Workout Program for Dancers: DanceBody Live
  • Best Pre/Post Natal Online Workout Program: The Bloom Method
  • Best Audio-Guided Online Workout Program: Aaptiv


Key features:

  • Free trial: No, but your first month is 50% off
  • Workouts offered: Depends on your goals and the program coach creates for you; can include yoga, powerlifting, modified exercise and more 
  • Compatible devices: Supports iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models
  • Price: $149 per month membership includes unlimited workouts and full access to a coach
  • Best for: Those who need extra motivation and accountability

Future, a virtual workout app, pairs you with a personal coach to increase your chances of meeting your fitness goals. When you sign up, you will select your coach and meet with them via a FaceTime call. Your coach will create customized weekly workout plans, send daily messages and get on phone calls to help keep you motivated and ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

It’s that daily interaction with your coach that sets Future apart from other online workout programs. The communication helps to keep you accountable, and your coach will determine your workout plans to help you achieve your goals.

The Future app syncs with the Apple Watch, so your coach can review biometric details including your heart rate and calories burned during each workout. They can also use that information to tailor your workouts to ensure that you’re making consistent progress. The app itself is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Future offers impressive customization options and is designed to fit into your lifestyle and fitness goals. Coaches create training plans that work with your schedule, goals and available workout equipment, and personalized audio guides you through each workout. If you’re going to be traveling, you can inform your coach and they will modify your training plan to fit your travel plans, making it easier to keep up with your workouts. There is no limit to the number of workouts you complete each month.

Your personal coach provides valuable support, and the subscription fee reflects that. Future memberships cost $149 per month, making it the most expensive online workout program that we reviewed. However, Future delivers value that justifies that higher cost. You’re paying less than it would cost to receive personal training at a gym, but you still enjoy most of the advantages that you would get from an in-person training experience.

Why we chose it:

Future is our pick for the overall best online workout program because it takes all the prepping and planning out of your workout, so all you have to do is follow along. We love how personalized this home training program is thanks to the custom workout plans, support from your personal trainer and data you get access to to help you reach your goals.


  • Daily communication with your coach delivers motivation and accountability
  • Customized weekly workouts designed to fit your goals and keep you progressing
  • Apple Watch records biometric workout data and shares it with your coach


  • Monthly membership of $149 is expensive and won’t fit all budgets
  • While an Apple Watch isn’t required, it is highly suggested
  • Not currently available for Android
Man stretching his arm before a workout, and close up of Caliber app on smartphone

Key features:

  • Free trial: Free 30-minute consultation with a fitness advisor
  • Workouts offered: Strength training
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOS
  • Price: Varies based on your package selection
  • Best for: People who want a full-service online personal trainer

Caliber is an all-in-one online workout program. You’ll get customized workout plans, nutrition plans, form coaching, accountability and more. Instead of a general survey, Caliber offers a free 30-minute consultation with a fitness advisor that will gather information about you like goals, habits, workout preferences and available equipment. With this information, Caliber can offer you different subscription options.

Caliber is a “science-based fitness and nutrition program,” which means they use advanced analytics to make sure you’re reaching your goals. Because of this, you’ll need a compatible smartwatch or other fitness tracker that gathers the information Caliber uses—things like heart rate, calories burned, etc. Your coach makes adjustments to your routine based on the data.

With Caliber, you also have the ability to meet with your coach as often as you like. Within the Caliber app, there’s video and text messaging, and according to Caliber, the coaches respond within a few hours.

Caliber is also unique for its strength-training focus. Your workouts will be designed to help you build muscle and lose weight, as opposed to just losing weight. If you opt also to get the nutrition plan, your meals will be focused on that goal. Plus, the nutrition plan can accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.

Why we chose it:

If you’ve ever worked out at home, you know how easy it is to lose motivation and sit right back down on the couch after a few reps. Caliber is our pick for the best personal training online workout program because your coach keeps you accountable and engaged with your routine, so you won’t want to press pause. The paid version connects users with a personal trainer starting at $200 per month, and each package is customized based on your needs, which can include strategy calls or live training sessions with your trainer (at an additional cost).


  • Fully customizable workout program with a nutrition plan
  • 27/4 access to coaches through the app
  • Science-based coaching that adjusts based on collected data from your workouts


  • Costs up to $7 per day, depending on your plan
Future 2

Key features:

  • Free trial: No, but your first month is 50% off
  • Workouts offered: Fully personalized, so it will depend on your goals
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOS
  • Price: $149 per month
  • Best for: Those looking for a customized HIIT routine and access to a personal coach

Future is an online workout program that’s fully customized to your fitness goals. When you sign up for the app, you’re paired with a personal trainer who you get to select from a pool of potential trainers after you’ve answered an introductory questionnaire. Each week, your trainer will send you a set of workouts based on your goals and the type of exercises you want to do.

If you like HIIT, then you probably know there are almost limitless live or on-demand workout series available online. What makes Future different from other HIIT online workout programs is that your coach receives your feedback to make sure you’re maximizing your workouts. If something doesn’t work or isn’t challenging enough, then you can ask your trainer to exclude it for the next week.

Your coach will also review your form if you’re worried about doing certain exercises incorrectly. You’ll simply video yourself performing the exercises, and send the files to your trainer who will review them and contact you to give you tips for improvement. This aspect of Future is a big advantage when you’re doing HIIT because the high intensity can lead to injuries with bad form.

To make the most out of Future, you’ll need a compatible smartwatch that can track your heart rate, calories and other metrics. Your trainer will also review this information to make sure your workouts are not too difficult or too easy—either of which can sabotage your fitness goals.

Why we chose it:

HIIT is one of the best workout plans you can do from home because it’s effective even if you only have 30 minutes, and you often don’t need equipment other than your own bodyweight. With that in mind, if you want results it’s important to have good form. Future is our pick for the best HIIT online workout program because your personal trainer guides you through the exercises, making sure you’re doing each one properly. Plus, they can help you switch up your routine so you don’t plateau or get bored.


  • Customized HIIT workouts from a personal trainer you choose
  • Ability to get individual feedback on your performance and form
  • Your coach is a real person, giving you accountability and encouragement


  • Expensive compared to other online programs
  • You need a smartwatch to get the most out of Future
Alo Moves screenshot

alo moves

Key features:

  • Free trial: Four-day trial with unlimited access to content, cancel anytime
  • Workouts offered: Guided workouts, yoga, mindfulness, HIIT, strength training, Pilates, core and more
  • Compatible devices: Works with iOS and available on Google Play for Android, available on computers, Chromecast and Apple TV
  • Price: $20 per month or $199 per year
  • Best for: Those who want to focus on yoga, mindfulness and meditation

While many online workout programs offer yoga classes, few of them go into the depth and variety that Alo Moves offers. You can choose from Ashtanga, Hatha, kids yoga, Kundalini, restorative, prenatal and Vinyasa yoga classes, allowing you to explore each method and perhaps discover your new favorite yoga method.

In addition to a broad assortment of yoga workout classes, the Alo Moves app also offers plenty of mindfulness workouts, plus more traditional fitness workouts on topics like arm balances, backbends and flexibility.

This unique assortment of specialized workouts is appealing not only if you want to pursue yoga, but also if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional weight training, cardio and HIIT workouts that are so common on other platforms. Alo Moves categorizes each workout based on intensity and difficulty levels from beginner to advanced, which can help you determine which workouts are right for you.

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All workouts are pre-recorded videos led by male and female instructors. At this time, Alo Moves does not offer live classes.

For just $20 per month, you get full access to all online classes. With such a broad range of classes, it’s easy to keep your workout fresh and engaging, as well as to continue building skills.

While the app features the ability to log workouts, you must do this manually, since workouts aren’t automatically added to your log when you complete them. The log can serve as motivation, and it also helps to track your progress and your accomplishments.

The Alo Moves app is easy to use on nearly any device, including a desktop or laptop computer, an iPhone or iPad. If you know that you will be without WiFi, you can download videos ahead of time, ensuring you don’t have to miss your workout. This feature makes Alo Moves an ideal choice if you travel frequently or have limited internet access.

Why we chose it:

Alo Moves is our pick for the best online yoga workout program for the variety of classes it offers. From restorative stretches to more challenging flows, plus strength training and meditation, you’ll be able to find a workout that fits your needs on any given day. We love that there are options whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your practice.


  • View videos focused on seven yoga methods, as well as on mindfulness and traditional fitness
  • Download videos ahead of time when you know you’ll be without WiFi
  • Accessible on nearly any device


  • No live classes are currently offered
  • Completed workouts aren’t automatically added to your workout log
Image of woman in gym clothes looking at her phone, and close up of the Caliber app on a smart phone

Key features:

  • Free trial: Free 30-minute consultation with a fitness advisor
  • Workouts offered: Strength training
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOS
  • Price: Varies based on your package selection
  • Best for: People who want a full-service online personal trainer

Where many online workout programs have some combination of HIIT, strength training and cardio training, Caliber offers you variety with focus. If you want to build muscle, there are many factors to consider, including your diet, body composition and available equipment. Caliber takes all of this into consideration when developing your workout program.

However, Caliber is also excellent for variety because your workout program is developed by a real person on a weekly basis. If you give feedback to your coach that you don’t like a certain exercise, then they can exclude it from workouts going forward. Similarly, if your feedback is that you want more variety, then your coach can adjust accordingly.

Ditch the workout plans that give you random daily workouts and call it “variety.” Typically, these workouts are general and not designed for you specifically anyway. Caliber is the opposite experience, and everything is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Why we chose it:

It’s easy to get bored with a workout training program if you’re doing the same thing day in and day out. Caliber is our pick for the best workout program for variety thanks its weekly custom designed workouts. This means you’ll not only get a new exercise routine each week, but one that is designed for your body and your goals. We love that these workouts will continue to challenge you as you get stronger, all under the guidance of a personal trainer. Additionally, the paid version connects users with a personal trainer starting at $200 per month. Each package is customized for your needs, which can include strategy calls or live training sessions with your trainer (at an additional cost).


  • Coaches can give you as much or as little variety as you want
  • Workouts are custom-designed weekly
  • Nutrition plans can accommodate any dietary restriction or preference


  • Some reviews say HIIT workouts are lacking
Joggo app screenshot


Key features:

  • Free trial: No
  • Workouts offered: Running
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOS
  • Price: Two months for $66, four months for $92 and six months for $132
  • Best for: Runners and people who like to make cardio their primary training method

One-on-one, customized support is not for everyone, and that’s okay. If you prefer to do your own research and want an online workout program that gives you the tools you need to design a personal program, then Joggo is for you.

Joggo is a running-based workout app with several features that can help you lose weight and get fit. There are pre-designed training plans that you can use to train for specific events, like a 5K or half marathon, and Joggo also has a full library of educational material about how to avoid or treat injuries, why you should or should not train a certain way or how you can eat in a way that supports your fitness goals.

Joggo does have a coaching option available, but unlike other online workout programs you don’t have to use the coaches to get a huge benefit from the app. However, you do have to run, because running is the centerpiece of Joggo whether you’re looking to lose weight or just get fit.

Joggo also includes a nutrition plan with an ingredient list that you can take with you to the grocery store. All of the customization comes from a survey you’ll take when you create your account, and will consider your goals, experience level, body composition and where you like to run.

Why we chose it:

Joggo is our pick for the best online workout program for runners because of the training tools it offers. Joggo becomes your workout planner online helping you plan runs based on your goals whether you’re taking on your first 5K or preparing for your next marathon. We also love the access to wellness tips such as better nutrition to fuel your runs.


  • Some personalization, but not required to benefit from the app
  • Running plans available to train for specific races
  • Large library of educational content to give you the tools to prevent injury, eat well and train


  • Running needs to be your primary training method
nike training club

Key features:

  • Free trial: App is free
  • Workouts offered: HIIT, yoga, strength training, cardiovascular training, mobility, trainer-led classes and more
  • Compatible devices: Works with iOS and Android
  • Price: Free
  • Best for: Those looking for quality workouts on a limited budget

The Nike Training Club app gives you access to an impressive library of class video workouts, making it one of the best free online workout programs available. You can choose workouts that target body parts, or choose workouts by type, including yoga, cardio and more. A narrator guides you through exercises and reps, but there are also trainer-led workouts that provide a more engaging experience. You can schedule workouts and receive reminders to help keep you accountable.

In addition to the robust library of pre-recorded free workouts, the Nike Training Club also offers trainer-led on-demand classes. Those on-demand workouts feature special athletes and musical guests, adding variety to your routine. Other supplementary materials include livestreams with Nike trainers and athletes, guided meditation, healthy recipes and exercise and healthy habit tips and advice. You can use these resources to create your own well-rounded training and wellness program.

The app’s interface is clean and easy to navigate, and you can pause and resume workouts as needed. The app tracks your daily activity, including the number of workouts you completed and the duration of your workout, so it’s easy to review your progress.

After you complete a workout, you can rate the training. Nike’s algorithm uses that information to suggest future workouts, but you can also choose your own or use one of the workout programs, which will guide you through a series of videos. While training is available for athletes at all levels, the workouts lack low-impact modifications, so some of them can be tough to tackle if you’re just getting started with a workout routine or are recovering from an injury.

Why we chose it:

When it comes to a workout subscription, there’s no better way to budget than using a program that’s free. We chose Nike Training Club as the best free online workout program because it provides you with an effective workout plan with tons of variety at no cost. Whether you’re in the mood for a restorative yoga flow or heart-pumping cardio workout, there is something for you no matter your fitness level. Plus, access to coaching and wellness tips can help you create healthy habits for long-term, sustainable success.


  • Choose from a broad selection of workouts focusing on yoga, core and strength training, stretching, full body workouts and more
  • Insights and tips about mindset, nutrition, recovery, movement and sleep deliver a holistic wellness approach
  • New workouts are added weekly


  • No option to engage with a personal trainer
  • The narrator-led workout videos can be dull
Dancebody screenshots


Key features:

  • Free trial: Try your first Platinum month for $5
  • Workouts offered: Dance classes including dance and sculpt, sculpt, hip hop hits, full out, strength and stability plus signature classes
  • Compatible devices: Works with iOS devices and Android
  • Price: Day pass $9.99, Premiere subscription $16.99 per month, Platinum subscription $34.99 per month, Prima subscription $349.99 per year
  • Best for: Fans of dance-based workouts

Marketed to a female audience, DanceBody LIVE features high-energy soundtracks and engaging choreography to make daily workouts more entertaining. Subscriptions give you access to more than 300 on-demand classes, more than 10 daily live classes and new content released monthly.

You can pick and choose from on-demand classes or follow the class progression laid out by one of the available programs. Some programs target body areas and muscle groups, like the arms and back or abs, while others focus on beginners, prenatal and postnatal workouts or even helping brides to get wedding-ready. While you won’t engage directly with a trainer, the program structure guides you through the process of choosing your classes.

Live classes are streamed from the DanceBody New York City studio, and you will need to register for them ahead of time. The classes feature two-way video, providing a sense of connection and community that can help to keep you motivated throughout your workout journey. Attending a live, scheduled class also increases the chance that you’ll make time for your workout.

With three subscription options, you will probably find a subscription that is right for your goals and budget. The Premiere subscription is just $16.99 per month, making it an affordable choice that still gives you full access to the on-demand workouts and programs. If you want to participate in live classes, then the $34.99 Platinum subscription gets you that access. If you’re ready to commit, you might choose the Prima option, saving $70 per year compared to the Platinum membership.

Why we chose it:

Dancing has many benefits for your physical and mental health like improving balance, building stamina and gaining strength, all while having fun. DanceBody Live is our pick for the best online workout program for dancers because you can truly dance like no one is watching, while burning calories and building endurance. The variety of different styles offered keep your workout feeling fresh and we love that the convenience of online classes lets you bring the dance party to your living room at any time that works for your schedule.


  • Dance format is fun and high-energy, while still delivering an intense workout
  • Two-way video during live classes creates engagement and accountability
  • Pre/post natal and wedding prep programming available


  • Designed only for females
  • Premiere subscription doesn’t include access to live classes
The Bloom Method screenshots

Key features:

  • Free trial: Free seven-day trial
  • Workouts offered: Prenatal and postnatal classes focused on cardio, strength, yoga, cycle, boxing and more 
  • Compatible devices: Available on iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Kindle Fire
  • Price: $29 per month, $74 per quarter, or $240 per year
  • Best for: Expectant and new moms looking for comprehensive fitness and nutrition support

The Bloom Method gives expecting and new moms access to quality, well-rounded fitness support. A subscription includes access to more than 350 on-demand pre- and postnatal training sessions hosted by pre- and postnatal coaches. These video workouts focus on topics like birth preparation, cardio HIIT, dance cardio, fourth trimester rehabilitation, postnatal yoga and more.

While you can explore the many videos available, guided programs and trainings offer structure, too. You can view videos corresponding to your trimester, or watch videos on certain topics, like postnatal and ab challenges. The app even has a four-week video series supporting moms who have experienced loss.

In addition to the robust workout class selection, the app gives moms much more comprehensive resources. You can get a free consultation with the in-house pelvic floor physical therapists, as well as access Q&As and post-C-section birth care videos. You will also get access to meditations that are ideal when you’re pressed for time, and nutritional recipes to support you during and after pregnancy. Monthly workout calendars can also help you to stay on top of your fitness.

Perhaps most importantly, you will have access to the private Bloom Facebook group. You can ask Bloom coaches questions, and the community of mothers provides valuable support. This group can serve as motivation and accountability, helping you to keep your fitness journey on track.

If you’re looking for even more personalized support, the Private Bloom Foundations Crash Course covers topics like techniques to rebuild your core, how to breathe correctly and how to activate your core in daily movements. The course starts with a 90-minute Zoom meeting, and you can schedule 45-minute follow-up sessions, which can be helpful during the postnatal healing process. The one-time Foundations Zoom session is $250, and follow-up sessions are $125.


  • Designed specifically for pre and postnatal fitness
  • Resources include not only workout videos, but also consultations with physical therapists, a private Facebook community, recipes and more
  • Option to upgrade to the Private Bloom Foundations Crash Course for additional support and guidance


  • Designed for pre- and postnatal use, this platform isn’t an ongoing fitness solution
Aaptiv screenshots

Key features:

  • Free trial: Week-long free trial; automatically rolls over into a subscription if you don’t cancel it
  • Workouts offered: Strength training, running, yoga, indoor cycling, elliptical and treadmill workouts
  • Compatible devices: iOS and Android devices
  • Price: $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year
  • Best for: Those who want to workout wherever, whenever

Aaptiv takes a different approach to workout videos. This app features an audio-only format, so you listen to your workouts, rather than watching them. This design means you’re not tethered to a TV or computer screen, and you can take your workout anywhere with you.

Professional trainers lead each workout, and music playlists are curated to help get you motivated. Aaptiv offers more than 2,500 workout programs including treadmill, strength training, yoga, running, elliptical sessions and more.

Aaptiv also offers multi-week programs developed to help you achieve certain goals, like running a 5K or maintaining weight loss.

While Aaptiv is a bit more basic than other online workout programs, that’s also what makes it appealing. It’s designed so that you can pop in your earbuds and work out anywhere. The app is streamlined and simple to use, ideal for anyone looking for an audio-driven workout that does not require a lot of setup.

Why we chose it:

It’s not always convenient to follow along with a workout video. However, you’ll never miss a move of your routine with Aaptiv. It’s our pick for the best audio-guided online workout program because of the variety of workouts it offers, all led by trainers guiding you through each exercise. We love that the app takes a straightforward approach to fitness while still delivering high-quality workouts.


  • Take audio-based workouts anywhere
  • Choose from programs that help you achieve particular goals
  • Low-cost option, particularly with a year subscription


Benefits on Online Workouts

According to the CDC, adults need to strive for 150 minutes of physical activity each week. However, paying for a gym membership can be costly and the gym scene can feel intimidating. That’s why we love online fitness classes. Not only can you work out from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, but online programs are often much less expensive than a membership to a gym or boutique fitness club.

We think online workouts are a great way to find a form of exercise that’s fun, engaging and keeps you coming back for more. Experts say, you’re more likely to stay motivated and stick to your workout routine, and therefore meet your goals, if you’re doing something you enjoy.

Online workouts not only benefit your physical health, but your mental health as well. One study found that people who did online workout courses during the COVID19 lockdown helped reduce anxiety and created a sense of community.

How to Choose the Best Online Workout Program for You

As you explore the best online workout programs that we’ve highlighted above, it’s important to choose a program that’s also the best fit for you. Thinking about the following qualities can help you to narrow down your choices and find the program that you will not only enjoy, but that will also help you to get the results you’re looking for.


Consider how much you can comfortably spend per month on a workout program, and don’t forget to budget in any equipment purchases that you will need to make. Keep in mind that many programs offer discounts if you purchase a quarterly or annual subscription.

Fitness goals

Defining your fitness goals can help you to determine the types of classes and programs you need. Think about whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, run a marathon or achieve another specific goal. Look for a program that offers a variety of workouts for your fitness level, whether you’re looking for low-impact exercises or high-intensity workouts.

Live or on-demand classes

The ability to attend live workouts can be a major motivational factor, and it can help to keep you excited about your fitness journey. Live workouts also change up your workout routine and can provide a chance to connect with others, which is important if you’re working out at home. Some online workout programs offer live workouts, but others don’t, so you need to consider how important these classes are to you.

Accessibility options

Consider what type of accessible environment is best for you. If you often use a certain device, like your phone or computer, make sure you can access the workout program on your device. You will also want to think about how the program is structured. For example, do you want the freedom to pick and choose your workouts from all of the available videos, or would you rather have the guidance of a structured program that picks your workouts for you?

Required equipment

If you’re considering enrolling in a program, make sure that you have—or can get—the type of equipment required. Many programs offer workouts that require no equipment at all, while others might require some basics or even more expensive equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills and ellipticals.


Think about whether you want a program that offers any specific add-ons. These include options like meal plans and nutrition plans, community groups and even one-on-one support from a personal trainer.

Honorable Mention

While we’ve rounded up our picks for the best online fitness classes, there were some apps that didn’t make the cut, but we still like.

If you’re new to working out, The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout is a great place to start. This free program offers workouts that require little to no equipment.

Another budget-friendly online workout program is Apple Fitness+. While the app offers a wide variety of exercise routines, it does not provide the same nutrition guidance or live classes that some of the other programs on our list do.

Want to bring the energy of group fitness classes to your home? Check out the Peloton App. While Peloton may be synonymous with cycling, you don’t need the Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread to get the most of the app with options like barre, cardio and strength training.

Another app that didn’t quite make our list is Glo. Similar to Alo Moves, Glo offers classes like yoga, Pilates and mediation. However, it’s more expensive than Alo Moves and doesn’t offer options like HIIT or barre classes.

Online Workout Programs FAQs

What do I need to get started using an online workout program?

Many online workout programs allow you to get started with minimal fitness equipment. That equipment might be as simple as a yoga mat, resistance bands or hand weights, and there are many fitness classes that require no equipment at all. You may also need a way of streaming live classes, such as through a smartphone or tablet, or you might just need to be able to log onto the platform and log your workouts. Some apps integrate with an Apple Watch or other wearable, which allows for enhanced biometric tracking.

Are online workout programs as effective as in-person classes?

You can get the same value from online workout programs as from in-person classes, depending on your motivation. Online programs are often more affordable and accessible than in-person classes, so you may be able to work out more consistently. However, there’s less accountability with an online workout program, so it’s easier to start skipping workouts than if you’re attending a live class that follows a specific schedule.

Which online workout program is the best for weight loss?

The best online workout program for weight loss really depends on how you prefer to work out. Daily Burn features a weight tracker and Aaptiv offers a weight loss program, but the most effective program will be one that keeps you motivated and excited about losing weight and getting fit.

How long should a workout be?

Health experts say adults need 150 minutes of physical activity every week. Broken down that comes out to 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Final Thoughts

Whether you can’t make it to the gym or don’t have the budget to hire a certified personal trainer, these online workout programs can help you to still achieve your fitness goals. Offering everything from dance-inspired at-home workouts to HIIT workouts just like what you would experience at the gym, these programs deliver convenience, affordability and valuable resources, too. All of these top picks offer quality programming at a variety of price points, so chances are you’ll find that one of them is the right fit for you. 

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of publish time.

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