Best trivia games to play with friends and family

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Trivia apps emanate an attractive classic feel, exploiting the traditional brain teaser gameplay loop seen in real-world games like Trivial Pursuit or Cranium. But trivia games take things a step further on the Play Store, with real-time puzzles, updates, and active leaderboards to keep things fresh and interesting, bolstering the reliable gameplay loop of answering questions.

The best apps have this intangible quality for keeping the mind sharp, and we’d like to share our favorites in this roundup of the Play Store’s best trivia games, with their sights set on quiz lovers’ favorite bargain Android phones.

What is a Trivia game?

Trivia games are apps that test the player with questions about general knowledge from a variety of categories, usually under some kind of limited life system or time constraint. Theming for this genre is completely fluid; trivia gameplay has no assigned context or art style, so there’s undoubtedly a trivia game that you’ll find visually appealing on the Play Store. These apps are great for personal general knowledge challenges and perfect for social gatherings.

1 Millionaire Trivia: TV Game

Millionaire Trivia: TV Game provides an appealing setup, with the flashy “Who wants to be a millionaire?” codes and conventions. The game poses a question and provides possible answers; only one is correct. Climb the tower to increase your winnings, using lifelines to even the odds. Millionaire Trivia: TV Game presents a game show setup streamlined for the mobile platform, and it’s highly recommended.

2 TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game

TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game is great for quick sessions; you can jump straight into an intuitive setup of timed general knowledge questions. In addition to multiple-choice, the app provides true or false questions for variety. Play alone or online with easy-to-grasp options and features. TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game gives you the essential trivia quiz experience with nothing unnecessary.

3 Trivia Madness


Trivia Madness kicks things off straight away with multiple-choice questions. Players must correctly answer 15 questions in a row to win. The game tracks your progress in an easily accessed menu, detailing your total correct answers, games played, and games won.

4 Guess The Movie – Film Quiz

Guess The Movie – Film Quiz tests your knowledge with a slew of film-related puzzles. Guess the film or TV show being referenced by piecing the clues together. With a diverse list of international film references and nifty cloud support, Guess The Movie – Film Quiz is full of surprises – and it’s tiny!

5 Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

More of a logic tester than a trivia app, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles pushes players to think outside the box with its charming presentation and twisted logic. Pay attention to the information given, and avoid obvious answers! The app provides over 350 levels for players to enjoy, making it a superb choice for hefty car journeys or long-haul flights.

6 Jeopardy! Trivia TV Game Show

Jeopardy! Trivia TV Game Show adapts the famous TV show for Android devices. Select questions from a huge number of categories and get at least five right to win the round. Challenge your friends in multiplayer or play with randoms to dominate the leaderboards. Jeopardy! Trivia TV Game Show recreates its source material well, with challenges and tournaments adding plenty of replay value.

7 Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 provides a functional and stylish trivia app for Android devices. This app goes all in on trivia, with plenty of categories for general knowledge lovers. Play to unlock new characters or compete with friends to see who comes out on top. Trivia Crack 2 can be counted on to provide a good experience – plus, the art style is very kid-friendly.

8 Trivia Star

In Trivia Star, players answer general knowledge questions within a time limit. Questions cover a variety of topics, including science, music, pop culture, and more. The difficulty ramps up smoothly with no sudden jumps to discourage new players. If you’re looking for something to play with friends, Trivia Star is a decent choice.

9 Heads up!

A great trivia game with a multiplayer focus, Heads Up! presents a neat little spin on charades’ gameplay, broadening the scope to incorporate other kinds of entertaining mini-games. This app is made for parties, allowing for theoretically infinite players to participate in themed guessing games that challenge the user’s knowledge of the subject. The interface is a little cluttered, but easy to navigate once you know how, and the extra content on display is well worth a look. Heads up! even provides a recording feature, allowing users to capture and watch back the hilarious reactions of other players as they attempt to deduce the answer.

10 Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz

Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz offers a life system-based trivia experience with an intriguing rotating interface that requires users to line up the right answers with the right questions. Topics cover a variety of educational and pop culture topics including math, science, animal facts, and even film trivia, all with different levels of challenge. The interface couldn’t be more intuitive and the rotating question wheels become second nature very quickly, providing a more engaging system than a simple multiple-choice text box. Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz is great for lovers of academic trivia in addition to general knowledge buffs, providing a balanced middle ground between the two.

11 Sporcle

Sporcle is a trivia app that offers a functionally endless number of high-quality quizzes, with themes and topics covering everything from the Greek Gods to NFL teams. Log in and enjoy the impressively vast library of quizzes, or design your own trivia puzzles and add them to the list. You also get access to trivia events like pub quizzes and global leagues. Menu-wise, the app is notably substantial, with lists of options seeming to go on forever, providing a ton of cool features to encourage and enhance your trivia experience.

Sporcle displays a great deal of commitment to its status as a trivia game, and the community response seems to feel the same way.

Rack your brain with the best trivia games

Some of us aren’t great at general knowledge trivia; I’m certainly not. So it’s great to have apps that sharpen your reaction time and test your mental mettle. The social applications cannot be underestimated either; quizzes and trivia challenges can make or break a party or long car journey; try them out and see. Trivia apps are perfect for time-wasting, with generally smaller file sizes and reserved visual design, and portable as the best value power banks.

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