CodeRED app provides help during emergencies across Montana | Great Falls/Helena

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GREAT FALLS, Mont. – CodeRED is an app you can put on your computer or phone and receive notifications for large scale emergencies, evacuation notices, missing person alerts, and shelter in place information.

“Those emergencies and disasters are going to take you unaware and take you off guard and you’re not going to being able to respond properly in the safety of you and your family and loved ones and friends are going to be put in jeopardy,”said Brad Call, the director of emergency management in Cascade County.

Anyone can download the app and it will use your geospatial data to pinpoint your location and make sure you’re receiving alerts for your area; the alert is specific to your area, meaning if you sign up for alerts in Cascade County you will only receive alerts from Cascade County.

“Most of the time they’re going to be at unfamiliar times and unknown times, middle of the night, late in the afternoon when you’re not expecting them. That’s the nature of emergencies. Being able to be connected to receive those alerts at any given time is extraordinarily important,” said Call.

The alert will be sent to you directly however you signed up for it, whether that’s via phone, email, on the app, or a text message.

The app is extremely customizable, you get to choose what alerts you want to be notified for and you can chose the sound which the alert makes and everything is free to sign up and use.

For more information on CodeRED, click here.

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