‘Dating apps have become the kiss of death for male reproductive success’ says a new book

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The successful minority of men on dating apps tend to be exceedingly handsome, photograph well, imply they have well-paying jobs, and often advertise their height. To illustrate the point, there is a popular meme related to modern female mate choice: ‘6, 6, and 6’ (at least six feet tall, with a six-figure salary and a six-inch penis). Yet only 14.5 per cent of men are six feet and over, only 20 per cent of men have penises six inches or longer, and only 13 per cent make six figures or more. If you want a man who has all three, the percentage is less than 5 (and not all of them are single). With roughly 49 to 51 per cent of the population being female, this is a disaster in the making.

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