Deepfake, AI scams- Govt warns about fake ads on social media

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Social media platforms have observed a surge in counterfeit advertisements, as reported by various sources. The government has initiated collaborations with intermediaries to combat this escalating issue. Recently, a cautionary message was disseminated by the government to certain citizens, including a member associated with a prominent technology entity. The advisory warned individuals about the proliferation of fake advertisements potentially utilizing deepfake technology to perpetrate scams.

Be very careful about what you see on social media

The government’s communication urged vigilance against fraudulent advertisements related to stock market activities, trading, and purportedly free tips disseminated through social media applications. It emphasized the possibility of perpetrators employing deepfake videos and images to deceive users. The advisory emphasized the importance of safeguarding against greed-driven temptations and cautioned users to remain vigilant against scammers.

In light of how scammers target social media users with deceptive ads, perpetrators employ various strategies to ensnare unsuspecting victims. For instance, in the realm of loan apps, counterfeit advertisements often promise implausibly low interest rates to entice individuals. Subsequently, upon approval, victims are confronted with undisclosed charges and inflated interest rates, contrary to the initial promises.

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Moreover, these fraudulent advertisements may redirect users to seemingly authentic websites, prompting them to complete application forms. These forms typically solicit personal information, including phone numbers, bank account details, and passwords. Such data can be exploited for spamming or other fraudulent activities.

To safeguard against these deceptive practices, social media users are advised to exercise caution. Fake ads often present enticing offers, pledging quick solutions or unrealistic benefits. It’s crucial to refrain from engaging with ads originating from unverified accounts or unfamiliar brands. Additionally, users should scrutinize advertisements for indicators of legitimacy, such as company logos or badges. Given the potential use of deepfake technology to enhance the credibility of counterfeit ads, users are encouraged to remain vigilant for any inconsistencies.

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