Discover how playable ads are making a significant impact on gaming apps, according to Liftoff. – Global Village Space

Playable ads are revolutionizing the gaming industry, according to the latest report published by mobile growth acceleration platform Liftoff. The Mobile Ad Creative Index revealed that playable ads are twenty times more likely to result in an install compared to standard banner ads. This highlights their effectiveness in capturing the attention of users and driving conversions.

Liftoff’s report is based on an analysis of over 600 billion ad impressions and 144 million installs. In addition to examining different types of ads, the report also delved into various marketing techniques, including user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing. Interestingly, it was found that longer video ads with better user experiences tend to yield higher returns on investment.

When it comes to games, the report suggests that user acquisition trends mirror those of the games themselves. For instance, minigame-based playable ads were identified as one of the most effective tools for driving installs. However, native and banner ads still generate the highest return-on-investment over time. To enhance the engagement of playable ads, Liftoff recommends incorporating a leaderboard feature to attract a more competitive audience.

One significant development highlighted in the report is the emergence of generative AI in ad creation. AI-based tools can streamline the creative process, allowing studios to generate images and new copy at scale. This not only speeds up localization but also enables the addition of appealing voiceovers. Aidan Quest, senior director of genAI at Liftoff, emphasized the importance of efficiency in creative endeavors, stating, “Leverage Gen AI for faster, more scalable creative ideation and production.”

The impact of playable ads cannot be underestimated. Liftoff’s findings showcase their ability to captivate users and drive installs at a much higher rate than traditional banner ads. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, marketers need to pay attention to these trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. Incorporating playable ads with engaging user experiences and leveraging generative AI for efficient ad creation are key steps towards achieving success in this competitive landscape.