EasyPark Group Makes History with First Parking Apps in Space

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EasyPark Group, a pioneering global force in the parking technology sector, is embarking on a unique mission to welcome extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. With a history of more than 20 years of pushing innovation, EasyPark Group raises an intriguing thought: with all the UFO sightings, why haven’t we made contact yet? Could it be that aliens simply haven’t found a parking spot?

In a historic first-of-its-kind effort, EasyPark Group joins forces with the Grimeton Radio station World Heritage Site to search for extraterrestrial life. The company announces that the parking apps EasyPark, ParkMobile and RingGo have been sent to space. Marking a significant milestone in human technology. For more than two decades, EasyPark Group has led the transformation of traditional parking systems to modern and convenient solutions, consistently introducing innovations to make cities more livable. EasyPark Group has now broadened its scope, making not only cities, but Earth more livable.

“At EasyPark Group, we are driven by innovation and challenges, finding unique and practical solutions to make life easier for drivers, and cities more livable. We wanted to illustrate our innovative work of the past 20 years in a bold and attentive manner. What started as a fun thought ended up in two questions: can we send our apps into space? Could it help make our cities and Earth more livable? A challenge we wanted to explore”, says Cameron Clayton, CEO at EasyPark Group.

Topping off the “World Space Week”, EasyPark Group is paying tribute to its rich legacy for over two decades of innovation by becoming the first parking company in history to have launched its apps into space. This unalike initiative also seeks to unravel the mystery behind the more than 170,000 reported UFO sightings since 1905*, yet the absence of tangible contact with extraterrestrial beings.

In collaboration with Grimeton Radio station, an UNESCO World Heritage site located southwest in Sweden, EasyPark Group and Grimeton have transmitted the full code of EasyPark Group’s apps into space by transforming them into a broadcastable data signals. The apps have embarked on an interstellar journey, traveling at a speed of light.

We are helping EasyPark Group enable its initiative through our facility and our years of experience in wireless communication. With radio technology, we have sent the apps into space. Radio is still mainstream and it’s exciting that radio continues to contribute to innovation in the field of technology and opens up for new possibilities”, says Camilla Lugnet, CEO at The World Heritage of Grimeton.

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*According to National UFO Reporting Center’s databank,

About EasyPark Group 

EasyPark is a leading global parking tech company with the vision to make cities more livable.With award-winning technology, EasyPark Group has eased parking since 2001 and today, the company helps drivers save time and money by finding and managing parking and electric vehicle charging. It allows businesses, parking operators, property owners and cities to administrate, plan and take data-driven decisions. EasyPark Group owns and develops the apps EasyPark, PARK NOW, ParkMobile, RingGo and Park-line and operates in over 3,200 cities across more than 25 countries.


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