Full list of apps down as Facebook, Instagram and more currently experiencing issues

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A mass app outage is currently affecting thousands of users with people unable to log into their accounts this afternoon.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are all owned by tech giant Meta, are all experiencing issues with many users reporting problems on the DownDetector site.

According to the website, more than 150,000 people have had trouble getting onto Facebook in the past hour, while there have also been 25,000 reports of issues with Instagram.

The Mirror reports that this mass outage has also affected Facebook Messenger which has been hit with a further 6,000 complaints.

Users have been kicked out of their accounts when trying to access the apps and sites, with Instagram feeds showing up blank or unable to load for many people.

According to DownDetector, people have also been noticing technical faults with WhatsApp, which has been hit with more than 400 complaints.

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Google has received another 300 in the past hour, and it’s not known whether the glitches on the Meta-owned apps are linked.

The issues appeared around 15:20pm GMT and are impacting users on both the apps and the websites. The apps so far affected are:

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