Google Home for Web getting camera history and clip editor in new update

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What You Need to Know 

  • Users will be able to access their camera’s history from the web, which has been optimized for mouse and keyboard.
  • The ability to create custom clips and download them is now available.
  • Users can opt-in to Public Preview to test out new features.

Google Home for Web just got a lot more comprehensive as part of a new update. Announced by the tech giant on Wednesday, many requested features are making their way to the web. In particular, users will be able to view full histories and create custom clips. 

Per the company, over the next several days, will now allow users to take advantage of having access to a larger screen. The newly updated experience, which has been optimized for use with a traditional mouse and keyboard, will allow users to access their entire camera history. From there, users can view specific events and timelines or search for specific dates and times to review. It’s important to note that a Nest Aware Plus subscription will be required for 24/7 playback on the web as it is required on the app. 

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