Google Messages might make it a tad quicker to react to chats

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What you need to know

  • Google is exploring a potential change in how users react to messages in the Messages app, shifting from long-pressing to a double-tap gesture.
  • While the code findings didn’t detail the double-tap-to-react mechanics, it might function similarly to Instagram and other social media apps.
  • The timing of the feature release remains uncertain, and it may not be a highlight in a future Feature Drop, potentially coming through a server-side update.

Google might be considering changing how you react to messages in the Google Messages app.

Instead of long-pressing on a message to pull up the emoji reactions, you might soon be able to double-tap on a chat to react. 9to5Google discovered this tweak in the latest beta version’s APK deep dive, but it’s not live on beta or stable channels yet.

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