Google One limits access to Gemini Advanced on your family plan

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What you need to know

  • Google released Gemini Advanced earlier this week, a more capable version of its AI chatbot powered by the Ultra 1.0 model.
  • Gemini Advanced is available through the Google One AI Premium plan, which is a subscription service that costs $20 per month.
  • Though most benefits of the Google One AI Premium plan can be shared with up to 5 others, a notable exception is Gemini Advanced.

Google completely overhauled its AI efforts Thursday, rebranding Bard to Gemini. Alongside the change, the company released Gemini Advanced. It’s an advanced version of its standard Gemini chatbot powered by Ultra 1.0, the most powerful AI model from Google yet. The catch is that Gemini Advanced is locked behind a paywall.

Google added a new plan to its subscription offerings called Google One AI Premium. Essentially, the subscription includes everything from the previous high-end tier, Google One Premium. On top of that, Google One AI Premium users get access to Gemini Advanced and a slew of other AI features. These subscribers will get first access to upcoming AI features, such as Gemini in Workspace.

However, users who subscribed to the Google One AI Premium plan are now finding out that their Gemini Advanced access can’t be shared with others. Most benefits in the plan can be shared with up to five others, but not Gemini Advanced. If you look at Google’s breakdown of the Google One plans and pricing, that isn’t explicitly made clear.

The new Google One tiers.

(Image credit: Google)

Google explains that detail in a Google One Help article instead. Here, the company says that only the family plan manager can use Gemini Advanced. Considering this is the primary selling point of Google One AI Premium over the standard premium plan, this is significant.

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