Google Search gets advanced features to help you solve math and science problems

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What you need to know

  • You can now throw a geometry or trigonometry query to Google to help solve it.
  • Search offers 3D diagrams to help grasp certain concepts better, such as the structure of mitochondria.
  • All these are now possible through Google Search and Lens — thanks to new updates.

Google is incorporating new features to Search and Lens for students and consumers to help them solve their math problems, the search giant announced.

Not just math problems but new updates will also help users in solving complicated physics problems next to geometry as well, Google explains in the announcement post. The new feature includes the ability to visualize STEM-related concepts and find relevant equations in a more “natural and intuitive way.”

(Image credit: Google)

Users can look up various types of math problems on Google Search, and it involves subjects like trigonometry and calculus.

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