I was frustrated with Google Maps, so I tried this game-changing navigation app

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Ever since I unboxed my first smartphone, I’ve opted for the default maps app, whether that be Google Maps or Apple Maps. I never considered alternative options but rather thought, “Who could be better than these two global giants?” Then I started reading reports of major problems with the apps, missing locations, drivers being sent in the wrong direction, and a lack of bug fixes. This got me thinking that maybe it was time to try an alternative app. I had heard about Waze, knowing its rich history and direct competition with Google Maps, but I had never tried it for myself. That all changed, for me, in 2022.

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My first experience with Waze was like breathing in fresh air after being trapped for too long in a stuffy room. I couldn’t believe how good it was. It features several innovative features that have made traveling so much easier and more predictable.

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