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Ever wondered what happens to your Shopee orders before it gets to you? SPX Express was generous enough to invite us to the inauguration of their biggest sorting facility yet.

SPX Express, Shopee’s de facto logistics solution in the Philippines, formally opened SOC 5. It is a massive, 25,000 sq. meter sorting center in Calamba, Laguna. It has been operational since late last year.

Remember SOC 3 which has been referenced countless times in Shopee-related memes? SOC 5 is basically an upgrade. The modern SPX Express sorting center is the first to feature automated sorting machines.

Faster, more efficient delivery process

According to SPX Express, the SOC 5 complex has automated virtually all processes for parcels. The facility uses the help of smart cameras, robotic machinery, and more. Parcels are scanned and sorted according to weight, size, and destinations. Employees, of course, are still in charge of spotting errors along the way, like loose parcels or return-to-seller.

The venue handles most Shopee orders from Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It is also one of two active SOCs right now. To date, there are 300 local sorting hubs, and almost all orders go through SOC 5.

Distinct orange-colored delivery trucks bring in the inbound parcels to the facility’s 37 conveyor belts. Employees put the smaller and lighter parcels to sacks, while bigger and heavier ones get processed separately.

With a modernized setup, SOC 5 can process up to 3 million parcels daily. This elevates the local logistics landscape with a more optimized end-to-end delivery solution. In fact, it takes just an hour for small parcels to get processed from inbound to outbound stage.

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