Irish language app uses AI to build bridges

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Gaeilgeoir AI balances vocabulary and culture for adult learning


Gaeilgeoir AI

Language learing apps and machine translation are becoming common parts of the digital toolkit and with good cause. A recent McKinsey study highlighted the immense potential of artificial intelligence in language learning, noting that learners developed conversational skills up to six times faster than traditional methods.

However, there’s more to language than vocabulary and accent, there also has to be a space for an appreciation of culture. Gaeilgeoir AI is a language learning tool that seeks to change the way people learn Irish through artificial intelligence that aims to do just that.

Brett said the inspiration for the app came from personal experience. “I saw firsthand how a close friend, a parent with limited Irish, yearned to connect with their children’s language journey but felt they lacked the resources to do so,” he explained. “Recognising this common experience, I wanted to create a solution. Gaeilgeoir AI is about empowering families, bridging gaps, and making this beautiful language accessible to everyone.”



Brett doesn’t see Gaeilgeoir AI as a tool for navigating the national curriculum, where most people’s experience of speaking Irish begins and ends.

“Our primary focus with Gaeilgeoir AI is on empowering adults to use Irish with confidence in their everyday lives. We want people to feel comfortable ordering food at a café, making small talk with neighbors, or asking for directions – all in Irish,” says Brett. “While we support any learner with a desire to improve their Irish, the focus isn’t on replicating the national school curriculum. Instead, we want to bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world scenarios. Ultimately, our goal is to spark a love of the language and foster its practical, everyday use.”

Brett explained AI’s rle as the heart of Gaeilgeoir AI. “Our AI conversation partner tailors the experience to each learner, providing personalised feedback and guidance. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive! People are excited to find a way to practice speaking that’s convenient and non-judgemental. They feel empowered by the immediate feedback and the platform’s ability to adapt to their needs.”

We use quizzes as a fun and engaging way to reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding. They’re not the only tool, of course. Our adaptive AI conversations are the platform’s core. But quizzes offer bite-sized learning that complements the conversational practice and introduces a playful, gamified element.

Brett agrees that learning a language demands but also creates an awareness of culture, including the arts and sport.

“Language and culture go hand-in-hand, and we’ve seen how Gaeilgeoir AI becomes a gateway to a broader cultural experience,” said Brett. “It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our users actively seek out traditional Irish music, search for Irish-language podcasts, and even explore Gaelic games. We’re constantly tracking what people are interested in talking about through our conversational AI, and we’ve even seen trending Irish topics. Additionally, many of our clients are reaching out directly, seeking more resources like podcasts and cultural references to support their learning journey. This demonstrates a true hunger not just for the language, but for the rich cultural tapestry that surrounds it.

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