Keep the kids happy this holiday season with these AppGallery apps

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The holiday season is a busy time, and can be pretty stressful. You need to plan all your meals, make sure you’ve got all the food together to make said meals, and then cook the darn things. If you’ve got visitors, you need to ensure everything in your house is spotless and that there’s enough room for everyone to sleep. And if you’re doing the visiting, you need to pack up your car, corral the family, and make sure you know where you’re going before you travel halfway across the country.

It can all get a bit much, and it’s especially tough with children running around too. Obviously, there’s no true substitute to playing together with them and helping them unleash their imagination and creativity, but if you need ten minutes to yourself, there are plenty of apps that can help.

AppGallery has a wide array of apps that are great for entertaining children when you need them, and a lot of them will keep your little one’s brains active and stimulated with interesting, educational content.

With so many to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything on the platform. Here are just a few of our favourites, available right now on AppGallery.

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My Town: Museum – History & Science for Kids

School might be out, but there’s no reason your kids can’t keep learning. My Town: Museum – History & Science for Kids has plenty to offer the most inquisitive children in your life, with a selection of exhibitions on offer for them to explore and interact with as they find out more about the world around them.

You can save your progress at any time, so when it’s time to get your kids into the car to go see the grandparents, they won’t lose their place in the museum. And there’s multi-touch support, so you can play along with your children as they navigate the museum without battling over who has control. On top of all that, if this isn’t your first My Town game, you can import characters from the other entries in the series to play with.

Little Panda Castle promotional image showing a waving panda and a cat and a dog in front of a castle

Little Panda’s Dream Castle

If your kids have a creative streak, then Little Panda’s Dream Castle might be the game for them. You’ll be helping a panda princess to spruce up her castle, with a huge number of customisation options available to really make your mark on the place.

There are four different styles of castles available to look around, with five different rooms to play in. From a luxury dining room to the princess’ bedroom, there are plenty of opportunities to make the castle look exactly how you want it to.

Papo Town Universe screenshot showing animals in space suits on a smiling planet

Papo Town: Universe

Papo Town: Universe is the perfect game for any budding astronauts in your family. It allows you to travel all around the galaxy, exploring planets like Saturn, Neptune, and Mars, and play various mini-games to teach your children about the universe in a fun and engaging way.

There’s even a multiplayer mode, letting your kids play with their friends (or you) to solve the puzzles together. And you don’t need to be connected to the internet to play, so no matter where you are, your kids can fly around the galaxy and learn something new.

A phone showing the Kids Tube homepage

Kids Tube

It can be tricky to keep an eye on the exact content your kids are watching online, but Kids Tube takes away some of the guesswork to make sure that what they’re seeing is meant for their eyes. Using a mix of automated filters, human review, and feedback from parents, Kids Tube ensures that all the videos on the app are family-friendly, so there are no nasty surprises springing up when your back’s turned.

Pocoyo in Pocoyo's house, sitting on his bed

Pocoyo House

If you have particularly young children, you may have already seen a few episodes of Pocoyo. And with Pocoyo House, you can relive some of the best bits of the show, along with playing games and learning arts and crafts, all from the app.

This is an official app from Pocoyo creator Zinkia, so you’re guaranteed a safe environment. There are absolutely no ads, and you can set up time limits in the app if you don’t want the kids spending too long on their device. You can also watch episodes of Pocoyo offline if you don’t have internet access.

No matter your holiday season plans, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained, whether you’re playing with them directly, or you need to distract them while you get ready. Check out AppGallery for even more great apps to make your holidays a breeze.

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