Lovpipo: Founder Minna Lim and her online dating app for networking and making friends

Next came Flutter – a user interface toolkit by Google for creating applications on desktop, web and mobile devices. Lim also learned iOS app development and UX (user experience) design fundamentals.

I hold a degree in Food Science and I’ve never learned any programming or coding before. I learned all the basics I needed to know in six months, in order to build an app from scratch,” she said.


With newly acquired skills, she brought Lovpipo from concept to (virtual) reality from 2021 to 2022. The name is play on the words “love people”, she told CNA Women.

Lim resigned from her sales job and in 2022, managed to get investor funding to develop Lovpipo. “An app is just a tool – the real power lies in its concept, the very idea that keeps it alive and ongoing,” she said.

Her idea with Lovpipo was that singles would be able to sign on to connect and build meaningful relationships. And for those who didn’t find love, she wanted Lovpipo to go beyond dating – so she made sure that the app also offered a way for people to meet socially.