Mana Yatri promises commission-free income to drivers

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Mana Yatri, a community-driven app for autos and cabs, has commenced its operations here. The app, a part of the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) Network and modelled after Bengaluru’s Namma Yatri in Bengaluru, promises to offer a zero-commission rides on autos and cabs in the twin cities.

“We have a network of 25,000 drivers enrolled already. We are targeting to increase the number to one lakh drivers in the next three months,” a company executive said.

Mana Yatri, which is backed by Juspay, belongs to the Namma Yatri family of apps, which has a network of 2.1 lakh drivers and over 50 lakh customers. The 12-year-old Juspay is a technology platform that provides digital businesses and banks with seamless and secure payment solutions.

“The app family has completed over 2.7 crore trips so far, with drivers earning over ₹420 crore commission-free income,” he said.

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