New App Uses AI to Generate Practice Tests from Course Content

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A new artificial intelligence-powered app launched in February that generates various kinds of practice tests for students based on any content, such as YouTube videos, PDF documents or class notes.

According to a recent news release, the CreateMyTest app, from a Toronto company of the same name, analyzes course content uploaded by the user, pulls together relevant information, and uses it to generate practice tests with questions in different formats including multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the blank.

The tool, which was recently featured on the tech product website Product Hunt, joins a growing list of AI tools that students and educators can use to generate educational content, including chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot, as well as specifically tailored ed-tech tools such as and custom-built, in-house AI tools at institutions such as the University of Michigan and the University of California at San Diego.

The announcement pointed out that by allowing students to practice test-taking based on their notes, tools like CreateMyTest could reduce their stress and build their confidence and awareness of key concepts. In addition, the app will give students more exposure to artificial intelligence technology and its potential applications in academic research.The app is available for students of all grade levels and has a free trial option for the first 5,000 words, according to the news release.

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