New Nvidia App Now Available for Beta Testing


  • Nvidia’s new PC app combines functions of the Control Panel and GeForce Experience, offering more options in one place.
  • Beta testers need compatible GeForce graphics card and the latest drivers to access new features like RTX HDR and RTX Dynamic Vibrance.
  • The new app replaces GeForce Experience, providing easy access to driver updates, game settings, and rewards for PC gamers.

With the end of February approaching, Nvidia pulled back the curtain on a PC app that combines the functions of both the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience. This new Nvidia app is available for PC users to beta test, with the only requirements being a compatible GeForce graphics card and the latest Nvidia Game Ready or Studio Drivers.

Traditionally, Nvidia has given its users two different methods to adjust the look and performance of various PC games. While it still has the appearance and the speed of an early 2000s application, the Nvidia Control Panel has been a staple of PC gaming that has allowed users to make adjustments that include capping frame rates, prioritizing quality or performance, and adjusting texture filters. By comparison, the GeForce Experience has served as a more streamlined method of optimizing game-specific settings and as a way to ensure GeForce Drivers are delivered quickly. Plus, GeForce Experience allowed various Nvidia GPUs to use Nvidia Freestyle game filters to change the color palette of a compatible title.


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Though the new app is in open beta at the time of writing, Nvidia has given PC gamers a new method to do more in a single app. The Nvidia app can be downloaded from either Nvidia’s website or the GeForce Experience app. Once installed, the new app will supersede the GeForce Experience app altogether. The left side panel has sections to check up on Game Ready and Studio Driver updates, change the graphics settings of installed games, and redeem rewards for certain titles. PC gamers with a compatible RTX card such as the RTX 4080 SUPER can use the new RTX Dynamic Vibrance and RTX HDR options, both of which use AI to give Nvidia Freestyle users new ways to make compatible games stand out. The app also allows for straightforward access to GeForce Now and other Nvidia applications.

Nvidia App Beta Details and Requirements

  • Requires Windows 10 or 11 and Nvidia GeForce Driver Version 551.52 or newer
  • Takes the place of GeForce Experience, allows access to GeForce Now and other Nvidia apps
  • Combines most graphical options available in GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel
  • New features include RTX HDR and RTX Dynamic Vibrance on compatible GPUs

The Nvidia Control panel will still be available to use as some options from it, such as Texture Filtering, are not part of the new Nvidia app at the time of writing. To take part in the beta, users will need an Nvidia graphics card capable of running GeForce Driver version 551.52 or later, which was made available on February 21. The latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver added some optimizations for Nightingale and fixed a problem that prevented Nvidia Freestyle filters from saving correctly after closing a game.

Between the launch of the new app and Nvidia’s recent profit growth, the tech giant has remained firmly in the spotlight. Only time will tell how smoothly the beta test of this new PC app will go.

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