‘Phygital Store’, the e-shopping app, one stop centre for artisans

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One of the crafts of artisans

With an aim to engage over 1000 artisans in the next 3 years and already engaged with 65 plus crafts and 400+ artisans and Manufacturing Clusters in India, Indic Inspiration, the start-up has connected all these artisans through India’s first art and culture “Phygital Store” .

The Scan & Pick, e-shopping enables to give a seamless experience between online and offline store purchases. The startup has recently opened its first Experience Centre in Pune.

Besides building an e-commerce platform, the startup is creating a social impact by increasing the livelihoods of Indian artisans and is also the first registered merchandiser of ISRO.

Founded three years back by husband-wife duo Sunil Jalihal and Padmaja Jalihal, the platform was created for the artisans for their specific needs like when they are affected by cyclones and other natural disasters when they need specific resources, or when they were affected by Covid.

“Our greatest satisfaction comes from creating an impact on artisanal earnings and helping artisans get back their pride. We also help them with their other needs of design and materials training and other aspects of their work,” said Sunil.

These collectibles are based on series and collections of objects which address diverse interests – of cities, history, geography, textile tools, science & technology, and holistic living.

“Everything we do is Made in India! We work with several manufacturers of artisanal products and artisans from India’s crafts to create new products, processes, and packaging. We have created “consumer handleable” scale models in Aluminium, Brass, and Wood in the country (skills that were only available in China, Taiwan & Germany). Similarly, we are also building capabilities to create high-quality jigsaw puzzles, laser cutting, and taught artisans to make Rocket Models in Wood. We also work with packaging manufacturers to create innovative packaging that is eco-friendly, uses sustainable materials and designs to transport large and delicate glass frames to individual consumers,” explains Padmaja.

She further said Indic Inspirations creates and markets Indic objects that narrate stories of India’s Traditions, Culture, Heritage & Achievements. Products that are rendered through India’s Arts & Crafts and Artisanal Engineering.

“Indic Inspirations was set up with the experience of working with India’s artisans since 2014, as a part of Heart for Art Trust. We focused on increasing artisanal livelihoods and helping them get back their pride, by helping them get a market for the traditional products that they already made,” she said.

Sunil added, “Indic Inspirations was set up to create new products that would create new opportunities and new products with India’s artisans. We felt that India’s stories are not adequately narrated through collectibles, memorabilia, and artifacts. So we took up narrating stories of Shunya, India’s biggest Gift to the World, of ISRO and its achievements and many more through 40+ collections of products – by working India’s Wood, Metal, Pottery, Grass, and other crafts from around the country.”

The start up works with 65+ crafts, from 18 states and work with 400+ artisans and work with crafts from North-East India, East India, South and the Western part of India.

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