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Singapore is generally regarded as a great place to raise young children, but for those new to the island or changing neighbourhoods, the search for like-minded parents and stimulating activities for kids isn’t always easy. Luckily, a free community-building parenting app is simplifying the process. BubStreet is an innovative platform that its owners hope will revolutionise the way families connect, offering a tech-forward app approach to arranging playdates. We chat to co-founders Kana, Steph and Jen (Kanako Redhead, Stephanie Ting and Jennifer Tiang) to find out more about this go-to resource for parents and kids.

The modern parenting app that’s helping families build their village and arrange playdates in Singapore

How did BubStreet start?

Kana: I moved to Singapore from New York City, super pregnant and excited to make new friends – but COVID hit and my hopes were shattered. With family and friends outside Singapore, I felt so lonely and sank into depression. Classes and activities for babies were difficult to find and I wished there was a way I could find playmates for my children in our neighbourhood or a way to connect with parents in a similar developmental stage.

Steph: My waters broke at 31 weeks pregnant, and my newborn baby had to stay in NICU until he was 36 weeks old. We “celebrated” our first Chinese New Year there and, to top matters off, we were faced with a global pandemic shortly after our discharge. To say the start of my motherhood journey was hard is an understatement. The creation of BubStreet came out of my own hope to bring the type of support, connections and encouragement that I’d wished for.

Jen: Our original idea was to be like a “ClassPass” for babies and kids. I said, “Say no more!” During our app design phase, I was lucky enough to become a mum myself, and I now understand first-hand just how helpful BubStreet is. Tell us about turning your passion project into a reality.

Kana: It was no walk in the park, but we are equally passionate about helping parents build their village. We hosted late-night meetings and carved out time over weekends to brainstorm designs.

Together, our corporate and professional backgrounds have allowed us to develop a user-friendly platform that helps parents match, connect and meet. We want children to find friends in their neighbourhoods with similar interests and, hopefully, have fun playing, learning and growing together.

Bubstreet - app for parents - playdates

What can members expect from this parenting app?

Steph: There’s no need to travel across the island for fun things to do with your bub. Connect with awesome parents in your ’hood, find playdates for your little ones and join cool activities via the app – from helper-accompanied playdates and weekly socials to spontaneous adventures for dads, and mums’ nights out.

Parents can also post details of activities happening in their area. You’ll find discounted or “crowd-saver” activities – for example, a swim lesson with three kids that qualifies for a cheaper class rate.

The BubStreet app is specifically designed for Singapore, and our addresses have been matched to the island’s postal district maps, giving you a bird’s eye view of what’s upcoming in your area.

How do you keep the community safe?

Jen: We have a referral-only sign-up process, meaning that you’ll need a referral link from a fellow parent who is already a BubStreet community member before you can register. This added security measure ensures that each parent that joins is known to at least one other parent in the community.

If a parent doesn’t know anyone yet, they can write in to or, better yet, join one of BubStreet’s in-person events!

Sustainable parenting is key to your brand. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Kana: We strongly believe in passing on things our children outgrow to the next bub in the community. We hosted our first public “Preloved Swap” event for things like clothes, shoes, toys and books – and we’re planning to turn this into a quarterly event so more parents can opt to swap and reuse. Stay tuned to our Public Events space on our website for the next date!

What lies ahead for the business?

Steph: Ultimately, we’d like to see more small family communities spring up from our efforts to connect with and support one another – essentially, little villages to raise children across Singapore. We’d also love to collaborate with parents and providers who are active in this space to offer opportunities and discounts via our app to the BubStreet community.

So, how can parents get started on this community-building playdates app?

Jen: The app is free to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Simply register your “bub” and tell us a few details about your child. Then go ahead and find a friend – it’ll automatically show you friends closest to your registered postcode – plan playdates or join or list an activity nearby. See you there!

Here’s what BubStreet members have to say:

“As a stay-at-home-mum I love the activity feature where we can find other like-minded parents to socialise with while we adventure out with our bubs!” – Chermain

“We wanted to find friends interested in doing a playdate with just dads and we found a great community here!” – Ray

“A fun and hassle-free way to connect with other mums. BubStreet has made my transition to Singapore life so much easier thanks to the connections and friends I’ve made from the meet-up mornings.” – Lauren

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