Reef Guardians Hawaii Launches Free Marine App for Hawaii Visitors and Travel Industry

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Reef Guardians Hawaii Launches Free Marine App for Hawaii Visitors and Travel Industry

Princeville, Feb. 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Princeville, Hawaii –

Reef Guardians Hawaii, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection and preservation of coral reefs, is excited to announce the release of its interactive and educational app, the Hawaii SeaLife App. Designed for residents and visitors of Hawaii, the app serves as further proof of the organization’s commitment to conservation through education and research.

“We’re thrilled about the app,” said Robin Mazor, a representative from Reef Guardians Hawaii. “This app we created helps educate Hawaii visitors and residents about the richness and diversity of marine life found in Hawaiian waters and wetlands. It’s an engaging, interactive way to promote responsible marine exploration and conservation.”

The Hawaii SeaLife App, developed by Reef Guardians Hawaii, is a complimentary tool available to Apple and Android users. With the app, users can identify diverse marine species, learn their names in both English and Hawaiian, and play interactive games to test their knowledge. The app also includes unique features such as marine life filters, search games, and tips on how to protect oceans and reefs, providing an informative and engaging experience.

The impact of Reef Guardians Hawaii extends beyond the app. It focuses on research, restoration, and education related to various aspects of the reef ecosystem. This includes research on AI and Robots on the Reef, Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Corals and vital restoration projects like the ‘Āinakūkoʻa O Waiohuli Kai Restoration and the ‘Anini Lagoon restoration, which aim to rejuvenate damaged parts of the reef and address pressing environmental issues, like leaking oil wells.

Active participation from volunteers and ambassadors is a crucial part of these efforts, bringing a community-focused approach to conservation. For more information about the organization and its mission, visit


Reef Guardians Hawaii also organizes educational programs to promote broader understanding of the importance of coral reefs. These programs include the Reef Camp and After School Program and initiatives like the Na Kia’i Apapapa Signage Project.

Mazor added, “This app signifies the beginning of our launch for travel agents and travel industry partners to refer their clients to. It provides a great opportunity for both visitors and residents to learn and appreciate Hawaii’s marine biodiversity while contributing towards its conservation.”

The Hawaii SeaLife App represents a significant advancement of Reef Guardians Hawaii’s education initiative, providing user-friendly platforms to raise awareness about Hawaii’s rich biodiversity among its residents and visitors. To support the continued development of such educational resources, Reef Guardians Hawaii invites tax-deductible donations at


As Reef Guardians Hawaii continues to expand its reach and develop avenues for public engagement in marine conservation, it stresses the importance of understanding the reef ecosystem for preserving and protecting Hawaii’s marine life. This focus keeps them at the forefront of coral reef conservation, ensuring the beauty and biodiversity of the reefs are protected and appreciated for years to come.

For more information about the marine life app and to download it, visit



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