Rickey Thompson Talks UMG Pulling Music From TikTok, Dance Elsewhere

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Dance On Your Own Now!!!

It’s happening … huge hitmakers are being wiped from TikTok after the app failed to reach a deal with UMG — something Rickey Thompson calls a game-changer, and a bummer.

We chatted with the social media star Wednesday in Bev Hills, and he told us the unfortunate development creates a massive dent in TikTok content … ’cause the platform’s best known for turning average folks into overnight stars with viral clips of them dancing to music from Taylor Swift, Drake and more.

As one of the most popular apps in the world, Ricky also acknowledges TikTok’s a place many users go to discover their fave artist’s new music — so losing that is disappointing for fans and musicians alike.

The most positive spin on this upheaval is newer artists won’t have to compete with established superstars to get their music out there — but Rickey isn’t entirely convinced that’ll be the case.

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On a positive note, he tells us the decision won’t completely ruin the app … it’ll just limit what videos people can create without using music. So, for those who enjoy a little boogie on TikTok, he advises them to just do it on their own time.

For a quick rundown: Universal Music Group is yanking its artists’ music off the platform after a tense standoff … saying TT needed to pay more cash to license the tunes.

For its part, TikTok’s accusing UMG of spinning a “false narrative” and says it has healthy ‘artist-first’ agreements with every other label and publisher.

Matters were clearly never resolved — but Rickey says the whole thing doesn’t actually affect him … cause he’s just there to make people laugh. No music needed!

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