Spotify protests at delay in Apple approval for new app update

In news that will shock precisely no one, Spotify and Apple are at loggerheads again over the latter’s App Store policies.

This time round the spark is a nine-day delay in Apple approving the latest update of Spotify’s iOS app in the European Union, which provides links for listeners to subscribe directly to its service from its website.

This feature was the core of the case that led to the European Commission recently deciding to fine Apple more than €1.8bn – although Apple said it plans to appeal.

In a statement before that ruling, Apple claimed that its app review team “has reviewed and approved 421 versions of the Spotify app — usually with same-day turnaround”. Now Spotify has cited that claim in an email to the European Commission seen by The Verge.

“Yet another example of how Apple if unchecked, will seek to circumvent and/or not comply with the Commission’s decision,” in Spotify’s view.

With relations between the two companies plunging to a new low, the EC will now be pulled in as referee – even as it also deals with the expected appeal of the recent decision.