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Meditating is one of those habits that makes me feel good, that I know is good for me, and that I actually enjoy — a truly rare combination. Somehow, though, I still have trouble committing to it. Back in 2021, I actually challenged myself to meditate every day, no matter how short the session, no matter if I did it first thing in the morning or as I was falling asleep. It made a huge difference in my mental health… and then I stopped. Fast forward three years and I’m wondering if the Superhuman app for affirmations and meditation can get me back on track.

Superhuman offers a vast library of audio tracks the brand calls “activations”, which it describes as a mix between meditation, visualization, motivational podcast, and inspiring music. It’s an intriguing and, honestly, slightly confusing description. When I think of meditation, I think of calm and peace, sitting in silence and quieting my mind; when I think of podcasts, I think of the opposite. (I mean that in a good way! I love podcasts, but the ones I listen to are not relaxing.) So what exactly are these activations like?

I got the chance to try out Superhuman and I can say that this meditation-visualization-podcast hybrid isn’t like anything I’ve experienced to before. Here’s my honest review of the Superhuman app for activations.

Superhuman App – Yearly Subscription

Superhuman activations app review

The first thing I noticed about Superhuman is the sheer amount of activations available — 600+, according to the brand, and with plenty of variety. There are activations with more expected themes, like sleep, self-care, stress, and energy, and activations pegged for certain times of day. But there are also options to listen to while you work out, get ready in the morning, travel, journal, cook, clean, or even run errands. That’s a big change from the meditations I’m used to doing, which always instruct me to sit or lie down, close my eyes, and generally remain still and quiet.

That’s not a requirement with Superhuman. Over the week or so that I tried out the app, I tried activations while sitting still (meditation-style), some while falling asleep, and others while getting ready in the morning and even mid-afternoon when I needed a little pick-me-up at work. As a consummate multi-tasker, I really liked the idea of being able to listen to the activations while accomplishing other things, and I generally found that they delivered when I needed them to.

One of my favorite activations was involved setting goals while getting ready in the morning. I tried it one slow, sleepy Wednesday morning, while I was dragging my feet as I got dressed and put on makeup for the day. The activation — narrated by the same clear, relaxing female voice as the other activations on the app — prompted me to start thinking about my day and the goals I wanted to achieve: three big ones, three small ones. It may not sound like a big ask, but honestly, thinking about my day is usually the last thing I want to do in the morning. I usually just power through my routine and get out the door as quickly as possible.

I noticed a definite difference in my mindset the rest of that day. I felt more centered, more productive, and by the end of the day, I realized I actually had accomplished all three of my “big” goals that day — all the way down to cooking dinner at home that night instead of going out, which was the one I really didn’t think I’d get to. I wasn’t actively thinking about the activation while I went about my day, but it felt like it gave me more energy and focus as I moved from task to task.

I also loved the app’s popular Golden Energy and Romanticize Your Life activations, and its “Just Music” section — a library of long-form tracks using frequencies that, the brand says, have “proven benefits for the mind and body.”

The activations felt like they clarified and focused my mind while relaxing and centering my body — a rare combination that, until now, I’ve only found in meditation and exercise. And, unlike meditation and exercise, I can listen to these manifestations while I’m going about the rest of my day, which is huge if you’re always looking to free up time like I am.

The brand says that with consistent use, the activations can help you earn more, become healthier, experience more fulfilling relationships, and generally feel happier on a daily basis. I haven’t used it long enough to experience results that dramatic, but the activations definitely changed my mindset on a daily basis when I used them, and I’d recommend Superhuman to anyone who needs an extra mental health boost. A yearly subscription to the app is currently 60 percent off (plus a 14-day free trial), a deal the brand is offering as its only sale of the year, so if you’re interested, now is definitely the time to try.

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