Teens, Tinder and parenting in the 21st century

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A parenting app is now promising moms and dads it can help monitor their teenagers’ use of the dating app, Tinder.

TeenSafe app co-founder, Scott Walker, says few parents are aware that teens even use Tinder. The popular online dating tool has a specific community for minors aged 13 to 17 (the app uses Facebook account information to help verify ages).

Kids use it to find prom dates, boyfriends, girlfriends, and hook-ups. What is less clear is how much “stranger danger” teens are exposed to on Tinder. Walker explains, “What I do fear, as a parent, I want other parents to be aware there are millions of teens running around on Tinder with no knowledge from the parents. I don’t want to get into whether predators are signing up. We are about helping parents open up communication with their kids.”

If you’re a teenager using dating apps, what have you experienced? For parents, how are you handling the phenomenon?​


Caroline Knorr, Senior Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media – a San Francisco-based media and technology advocacy group

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