The 7 Best Stoic Apps to Boost Your Daily Productivity

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Stoicism has gained popularity online thanks to creators and authors like Ryan Holiday. With its roots in Ancient Greece, the philosophy aims to master mindset over external events.

If you’re looking to build your everyday productivity, mastering a Stoic mindset can be incredibly beneficial. By learning to remain resilient and calm, you’ll be equipped to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Think like a Stoic and enhance your everyday productivity with these apps.

1. Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a powerful app built around Stoic principles to boost your daily productivity. Using the app’s built-in routines, you can embrace Stoic practices multiple times a day. Great examples of this include a daily quote and an evening reflection journal.

On the Muse tab, you can access and grab quotes from some of the Stoics’ most profound works, such as “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. There’s even a Stoic chatbot feature, allowing you to ask advice from replicas of Roman emperors.

To relate Stoic ideas to your personal life, the app comes with a goal-tracking feature and a daily to-do list. You’ll also find opportunities to reflect on any Stoic texts you’ve read in the Mirror section.

Download: Memento Mori for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Stoa

Stoa helps you master the stoic mindset in a series of simple steps. The app helps you learn Stoic theory and put it into practice. The Explore section is where you’ll find a collection of series made up of audio lessons on Stoic principles.

Each day, you’re given a step-by-step guide to improve your productivity and find meaning at work. This involves a daily quote and relevant pieces of Stoic texts. Following this, you can make a commitment and record your success.

You can also earn streaks to increase your motivation at work and in other personal growth aspects. The app allows you to add an account to sync your progress and access Stoic wisdom from any device

Download: Stoa for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Stoic

Stoic is a well-rounded app to help you build a resilient mindset and improve your overall productivity. The app features several exercises to help you embrace a Stoic mindset, including a journaling tool and a guided thoughts exercise.

To give you a head start, the journaling feature offers several templates, with categories including Productivity and Self-Discovery. You can also prepare for the day ahead with Stoic’s morning routine feature. This offers the chance to reflect on your daily habits and measure your productivity. Stoic is a great app to prioritize your self-development, and you can enjoy it ad-free.

Download: Stoic for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

4. Daily Stoic Exercises

Learning theory is great, but it’s useless if you never apply it. Daily Stoic Exercises eliminates the dead space in your personal growth journey, offering instant advice to improve yourself.

Each exercise is inspired by a famous quote from a Stoic text. The app understands that not every Stoic text is easy to read: Beneath every extended quote is a further description of its meaning. Exercises are simple to navigate—you can swipe left or right to switch between exercises or access the full table of contents from the sidebar.

This app is a great choice if you’re curious to see how understanding and practicing Stoicism can affect your daily productivity. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Download:Daily Stoic Exercises for Android (Free)

5. Stoic Quotes

Stoic Quotes is one of the largest resources for accessing motivating quotes. You can view quotes from famous emperors and filter results using Stoic Quote’s refined search tool.

Categorizing quotes is easy—just choose from the categories listed on the top banner. Categories include Productivity, Leadership, and Motivational. Each quote has a like and dislike rating, with the option to download your favorites. You can also share quotes with friends.

For extra Stoic wisdom, you can head to the Articles tab. This section features various insights on overcoming productivity challenges and how you can live a more meaningful life.

Download: Stoic Quotes for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Stoic Bible

If you’re looking to implement Stoicism into your everyday routine, Stoic Bible offers all the tools to accelerate your personal growth. The app enables swift learning through text annotation, offering highlighter options and a private journal for noting your own insights. You can also bookmark chapters for quicker access.

Stoic Bible uses custom reminders to help you commit to a personal growth routine. You can set times to practice Stoicism in the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can also earn streaks to stay encouraged and make Stoicism a daily habit. For comfortable reading at night, the app includes a dark mode.

Download: Stoic Bible for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

7. The Stoic

The Stoic is a brilliant app to learn about the roots of Stoicism and how it can benefit your daily life. You can bookmark and share a variety of quotes to build Stoic wisdom and learn about the philosophers who said them.

Using the app’s search tool, you can find quotes from whatever topics are on your mind. Simply search for a topic, and the app will list relevant quotes. You can translate quotes by hitting the globe icon or have them read aloud.

Discovering ancient philosophers is also part of the experience. For each quote, you can tap on the emperor’s icon to learn more about them and view their best works. If you’re looking for a personalized personal growth journey, The Stoic is definitely worth your attention.

Download: The Stoic for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Embrace a Stoic Mindset and Boost Your Productivity With These Apps

The principles of Stoicism have helped many ancient emperors stay motivated through times of hardship and adversity. Today, Stoic ideas are still helping thousands of people live a more meaningful and productive life.

These apps will help you discover the core principles of Stoicism and apply them to your life for enhanced daily productivity. Don’t waste your time letting unproductive habits stick with you—use these Stoic apps for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

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