The innovative app transforming global music collaboration

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Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger is an investor in the company

What’s the story

Indaband, a groundbreaking social media application, is reshaping the music industry by enabling worldwide collaborations among musicians and vocalists.

The app’s unique design allows solo instrumentalists to feel like they’re part of a global band.

It offers a platform for users to record and share their performances, which can then be augmented by others adding their own renditions to the original piece.

A user-friendly platform for music creation

Getting started with Indaband is straightforward. Users only need a pair of headphones and a smartphone to record.

They can upload pre-recorded songs as new tracks or use the app’s built-in recording booth to add layers to existing tracks.

The app’s multi-track video studio allows unlimited recording and mixing sessions, enabling users to create and share their musical masterpieces with their community.

The team and inspiration behind Indaband

Indaband was conceived by CEO Daniel Murta, CTO Andrews Medina, Head of Engineering Helielson Santos, and Design Leader Emerson Farias.

They developed the idea for the app out of their shared passion for music while working at Jusbrasil, a legal technology company co-founded by Murta.

When the pandemic disrupted their regular jam sessions, they saw an opportunity to create a platform that would allow musicians to collaborate remotely.

A discovery platform for new music

In addition to fostering collaboration, Indaband also serves as a discovery platform for new music.

It features daily curated playlists across various genres such as rock, jazz, hip-hop, and EDM.

Users can engage with these videos by liking them, commenting on them, or sharing them with their followers.

This feature allows users to explore new music and interact with the community on the platform.

Indaband’s future plans and funding

Indaband plans to introduce a new feature called “Circles,” likened by Murta to clubs on Strava.

This feature will allow users to form communities within the app. and host live events.

There are also plans to incorporate a Patreon-like facility within Circles that will allow creators to offer paid content, like virtual instrument lessons.

The firm raised $7 million in seed funding in late 2021 from many investors, including Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger, and former Megadeth guitar player Kiko Loureiro.

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